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The North American director Ken Jacobs has been a regular presence on Curtas Vila do Conde, in which he won the Festival’s Grand Prize with “Nymph” and “Capitalism: Child Labor”. On the 18th edition of Curtas, the festival has dedicated to him an In Focus retrospective. Jacobs was present for a masterclass and a live performance and where several of his most recent works were screened with the focus on “Star Spangled to Death”, his prime work (a film with more than 7 hours), and some of his short films directed in his own tridimensional method.


Solar – Cinematic Art Gallery has shown on the exhibition “Action Cinema”, some of his digital experimentation projects. Jacobs is one of the most charismatic faces of the north American vanguard cinema movement of the 60’s and the 70’s and his films have been reflecting the vast majority of the worries of this movement, especially through the appropriation of found footage and the editing of the author’s home-movies (where friends like Jonas Mekas, Peter Kubelka or Hollis Framptom are frequent guests). Jacobs is also known by his stereoscopic experiences that led him to work with the third dimension since the 50’s. Hence, it was an unique opportunity to discover a fundamental name of the experimental cinema of the last decades.