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Kenneth Anger



American underground filmmaker, famous for his experimental films and specialized in short films - has conducted more than 40 short films since he made his first in 1937. His films combine elements of surrealism with homoeroticism and the occult. Some of his most important films - and that reflect these themes - are “Fireworks", 1947, "Scorpio Rising", 1964 or "Invocation of My Demon Brother", 1969 (with a soundtrack by Mick Jagger). Curtas Vila do Conde dedicated a retrospective to the filmmaker in 1997, presenting important part of his work.


In the catalog of the festival, Dominique Marchais (Les Inrockuptibles) describes the work of Anger in this way: "You can judge that Anger is imposed as a safe value of young Californian forefront, along with Curtis Harrington, Gregory Markopoulos and Maya Deren as godmother, but soon we realize that he is not at the forefront of anything, he is not an abstractionist (Harry Smith), or conceptualist (Andy Warhol), or structuralist (Michael Snow), it is decadent, precious, sublime and solitary."