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Born in 1966 in India, with Dutch nationality, Manon de Boer has been developing a series of projects and installations over the past years exposed in Belgium and Holland and collectively in Europe. Your work lives by exploiting the portrait as part linked to memory. An obsessive fascination with the act of shooting the face eventually results in a work of autobiographical nature where the screen acts as a mirror.


Over the past few years, the work of Manon de Boer have been regularly presented in some important exhibition spaces, including the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the Galerie Jan Mot in Brussels. She also directed the short film "Silvia Kristel" presented at the International Competition of Curtas in 2004 and screened at several international festivals. In the 2005 edition of the Festival, Manon de Boer presented a series of works on Solar - Cinematic Art Gallery - called " Dissolution Film Portraits" with artist Siegfried Fruhauf - where he develops a series of reflections about the face, the voice and memory as a form of portraiture and autobiographical element.