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Mike Hoolboom (b.1959, Toronto) started his career when “Fringe” meant “experimental” and everything was a matter of exploring the tangibility of the qualities of the medium, the focus, the grain and the time… and the main principles were abstract. Nowadays, Hoolboom states “Fringe film is so valueless now. Its ideals are really of another time”. With only around 25 films and videos to his credit, Hoolboom managed to attend 300 festivals around the world and win 30 awards. He wrote two books (Inside the Pleasure Dome: Fringe Film in Canada (2001) and Plague Years: A Life in Underground Movies (1998)), and has several articles published in books, magazines and catalogues in different countries. Hoolboom is a founding member of the Pleasure Dome Screening Collective and worked as artistic director at the Images Festival and as fringe film officer at the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre. His work has been the subject of several retrospectives in Toronto, Nyon, Cork, Györ, Amesterdam, Utrecht and Vila do Conde.


In recent years, Hoolboom has explored video both as a single channel exhibition device and as installation, presenting work that he labels as "documentaries of the imaginary”. The retrospective held in Vila do Conde included “Tom (2002), Imitations of Life” (2003), “Escape in Canada” (1993), “Passing on” (1997), “Mexico” (1992). The special programme Work in Progress presented the installation “In the City” (2001). In 2007, Solar – Cinematic Art Gallery, hosted the exhibition “Imitations of Life”.