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The Georgian director Mikhail Kobakhidze is the author of a small but mysterious filmography, centered around five short films made ​​during the 60's . The carrier of this author begins in the prestigious VGIK , Moscow film school , where he learns from masters like Sergei Guerassimo . After directing his firsts short films - some of them made in school - Kobakhidze beggins a larger project, resulting in "The Musicians", a short film immediately accused of being too formalistic.


In the context of a fierce communist society, in which the model film was the social realism, Kobakhidze was neutralized, having no further activity until the end of the regime, in 1991. After that, he only directed one short fim, in 2003, “En Chemin”. Curtas Vila do Conde dedicated in 1995, a retrospective of his works during the 3rd edition of the Festival.


In this words Kobakgidze tells us: "An authentic short film is irresistible because it is full of energy and something because it turns every moment as in our earthly life , passing , fleeting , will not leave the consciousness more than their tenuous images."