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Director, screenwriter and film critic, Olivier Assayas is since his debut in 1986 a central author of the contemporary French cinema. Since 1996, with "Irma Vep", the filmmaker took off for a long international career, whith feature films like "Alice and Martin" (1998), "Demonlover" (2002), "Clean" (2004) or "Summer Time "(2007).


20º Curtas Vila do Conde dedicated a retrospective to Olivier Assayas inlcuding his less known work, held between the 80s and the early 90s, including the feature films "L'Eau Froide" (1994), "Paris s 'éveillé "(1991) or" Désordre "(1986), and several of his short films. Curtas Vila do Conde also screened the documentary "Noise" (2006) about the band Sonic Youth. Assayas has been in Vila do Conde where he also conducted a master class. This retrospective was held in association with the Guimarães 2012 - European Capital of Culture.