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Peter Hutton is an experimental film director born in the USA in Detroit, in 1944. Hutton studied painting, sculpture and film at the Art Institute of San Francisco and made more than two dozen of films, most of them are portraits of cities and landscapes from across the globe. He uses a minimal and contemplative cinematic approach, filming silent pictures (remembering the first experiences of the pioneers Lumière brothers), almost always black and white, with a 16mm camera mounted on a tripod. Despite the apparent lack of movement in many of the plans could evoke photography even the most inactive pictures by Hutton involve us in a subtle way , creating a mysterious and disturbing effect.


At Curtas Vila do Conde , in 2007 , the director was the subject of a retrospective Integrated in the Work In Progress section. Part of his films, in this edition, were presented in film concerts (one by the Bildmeister and another one by musicians Jorge Coelho, Alexandre Soares and João Pedro Coimbra ). This year, the director was present in Vila do Conde, presenting a masterclass on his work. The American director was also present in the 3rd and 12th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde, with his films selected for the international competition.