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The Austrian filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky is one of the most important directors and vanguard cinema thinkers of the last decades. Working with found footage (from films of the Lumiére brothers to home movies, melodramas and terror movies), Tscherkassky dedicates himself to a never-ending process of investigation of the subjectivity theories, memory and perception and to the aesthetic boundaries of cinematographic image.


The filmmaker is a constant presence on Curtas Vila do Conde, with several screened films on competitive sessions, winning the Experimental Award in 2005 with “Instructions For a Light and Sound Machine”. In 2006, the festival dedicated an exhibition created by him. “Frame by Frame”, on Solar, was a retrospective of the work of the Austrian filmmaker.


Tscherkassky studied philosophy and his doctorate thesis was called “Film as Art. Towards a Critical Aesthetics of Cinematography” (1985/86). He teaches directing on the University of Applied Arts Vienna and is a founding member of Sixpack Film. He organized several Film festivals. On the 2006 catalog of the festival, Tscherkassky tells us: “I come, more or less, from Kubelka tradition: add the maximum of information in one frame. And I also love the idea of having a product that pops up on such a large screen as the Cinemascope is and that was produced on a dark room by someone sitting, working with a laser pointer on the smallest dimension you can imagine. When I see myself sitting there, working in such a crude and simple way, I look like a child playing on his small world to which no one can enter. Sitting there, creating that small world, that suddenly explodes to the screen, to space.”