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The British author Peter Whitehead is one of the most legendary filmmakers in the world. His invaluable artistic contribution is of an important quality - the fact of having been at the center of Swinging London and have witnessed and recorded the counterculture of the '60s , not only in London but also in New York : he filmed the Rolling Stones, the poet Allen Ginsberg at the Royal Albert Hall , the Royal Shakespeare Company of protest against the war in Vietnam , the presidential campaign of Robert Kennedy and the occupation of the Columbia University campus by students . The films by Whitehead - many of them directly related to the U.S. - are documents without parallel about an historical era.


In 2007, Curtas Vila do Conde dedicated a retrospective In Focus to the director, presenting some of his documentaries and his most important work, "The Fall " (pictured ) , which addresses - a hybrid of fiction and documentary record - on the revolution and violence that rocked the United States in the late '60s . About this important document, Whitehead says in an interview published in the festival catalog: " I was at least 10 years ahead of time with this deliberately egocentric and subjective documentary that addresses rape and violence in a self - consciously The first part is the camera, violence is on the outside, I absorb it. When I'm in the editing room I have violence in the film and I'm looking at him,therefore, there is a certain relationship with this violence and I inflict this violence in the film to express the fact that it is violent - the entire film is about the necessity of violent struggle.”