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Rubber (2010)



The French cinema has always been understood as one of the last bastions of cinefilia and modern cinema. Although that tradition is crucial to understand the European cinema, the truth is that in the last decade, you can recognize a wide variety of genres and styles. One of the exponents of this possible subversion of "classic" French cinema is the filmmaker Quentin Dupieux.


Best known for his DJ carreer- through alter-ego Mr. Oizo - Dupieux has a remarkable filmography in the last fifteen years, including six feature films, several short films and music videos. Indeed, it was through the music videos that the filmmaker began his audiovisual work, performing and participating in teams of director Michael Gondry.With "Nonfilm" in 2001, he started his career in cinema which becomes more relevant from "Steak", 2007.


Since then he made four more films, reaching a high status in the French film with "Rubber" (2010), "Wrong" (2012), "Wrong Cops" (2014) and the latest "Réalité" (2014), released at the Venice Festival. In all his films, Dupieux films, writes, edits and works n the photography direction, in addition to being the author of most of the soundtracks. In the 2015 edition, Curtas Vila do Conde dedicated a retrospective to Quentin Dupieux and screened "Réalité", "Wrong" and "Wrong Cops" in Portuguese premiere, and "Rubber".