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While still a teenager, Roman Coppola started working on his father’s films, Francis Ford Coppola, first as a sound technician in “Outsiders” and then as an associate producer in “Rumble Fish”. After his graduation from NYU Film School, he produced five films and works in several family productions (of his father and of his sister Sofia Coppola). He starts, in 1996, the “Director’s Bureau”, music and advertisement production company, where he directs campaigns for Coca-Cola, Adidas, Gap and Levis and numerous music videos for artists as Moby, Daft Punk, The Vines and The Strokes. His collaboration with the choreographer Richard Koufey for the videoclip “Praise You” of Fatboy Slim has awarded him three MTV music videos awards.


His premiere on feature films was in 2002 with “CQ”. On Curtas Vila do Conde, besides some presences in competition, Roman Coppola had a retrospective of his work on music videos on Curtas 2004, as is the case of “Funky Square Dance” (in the photo).