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Salla Tykkä was born in 1973 in Helsinki, Finland, where she lives and works today. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki in 2003. She works in photography, video and film since 1996 and her first solo exhibition was in 1997. Her work is part of a generation of Nordic artists whose work is heavily influenced by the imagery of television and pop music, reflecting on the role of women and men in the society and contemporary culture. Despite having started her journey in 1996, in 2001, with the presentation of her video "Lasso" at the Venice Biennale, Tykkä initiated a relevant international career. 


In 2009, Salla Tykkä was one of the artists In Focus of Curtas Vila do Conde, with an exhibition on Solar - Cinematic Art Gallery, presenting a trilogy of videos - “Lasso " , " Cave" , and "Thriller" - devoted to the passage of a young adolescent to adulthood . This set of installations reflects on the moments of emotional and physical transformation of a young girl, with a combination of natural landscapes, architecture and urban areas. In the same year, Tykkä presented a masterclass at the festival. For this edition the catalog , she wrote "I'm in the process of making a series of four short films that address the ideals of beauty in present in different forms : stone, plant, animal and human subjects. I chose these themes from my childhood memories."