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Vivian Ostrovsky and Silvi Simon at Curtas Vila do Conde 2011



In 2011, together with the 19th Curtas Vila do Conde, Solar – Cinematic Art Gallery presented the exhibition Ocean Bazar, a multimedia collaboration between the two artists and filmmakers Vivian Ostrovsky and Silvi Simon, who were in Vila do Conde during the festival.


The installation calls forth a multitude of deconstructed images, whose sensory effects refer to a dream of an oceanic and maritime ambience, just like a distant seaside memory.


The usage of Super8 by Vivian Ostrovsky captures the home movie feeling e brings to mind the idea of an obsolete technology (like the saturated color of the Kodachrome 40) that calls forth an immediate sense of nostalgia. Ostrovsky films peculiar mundane interactions and edits them together with maritime images, thus creating rhythmic and poetic choreographies that induce a certain familiar intimacy that is motivated by the domestic quality of the Super8.


The black and white images of Silvi Simon are centered on a maritime landscape, filled with sea creatures and mid flight birds. Her images are always screened on objects that the author calls of Filmatrucs – mechanical sculptures that change the appearance of the screened image. These low-tech mechanisms built from wires, glass and electric motors refer to mechanisms like the zoopraxiscope, the base for the creation of the projectors we have today.


In this collaboration, the films by Ostrovsky were screened on Simon’s Filmatrucs and the films by Simon were reflected on Ostrovsky’s projections. In common, both artists share the fascination for experimental and historical cinema. So, in this exhibition, two worlds fused together, having always the sea as the background.