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Main Awards 2020
  • [CI] Great Prize International Competition
    GIÒNG SÔNG KHÔNG NHÌN THAY, Pham Ngoc Lân, Viet Nam  
  • [F] Great Prize Fiction
    DUSTIN, Naïla Guiguet, France  
  • [D] Great Prize Documentary
    HIDDEN, Jafar Panahi, France  
  • [A] Great Prize Animation
    ELO, Alexandra Ramires, Portugal  
  • [EXP] Great Prize Experimental
    SOUTH, Morgan Quaintance, United Kingdom  
  • [MV] Great Prize Music Video
    BATIDA APRESENTA: IKOQWE - VAIVAI, Pedro Coquenão, Portugal  
  • [CI] Audience Award
    PHYSIQUE DE LA TRISTESSE, Theodore Ushev, Canada  
  • [PT] Best Portuguese Short Film
    NOITE TURVA, Diogo Salgado, Portugal  
  • [PT] Portuguese Best Directing
    ARMOUR, Sandro Aguilar, Portugal  
  • [TO] Take One! Prize
    I DON'T LIKE 5PM, Francisco Dias, Portugal  
  • [TO] Best Director
    CORES DE OUTONO, Lucas Tavares, Portugal  
  • [PT] Audience Award “SPA – Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores”
    O NOSSO REINO, Luís Costa, Portugal  
  • [CRT] Honorable Mention M/3
    BLACK & WHITE, Jesús Pérez, Switzerland  
  • [CRT] Honorable Mention M/10
    LUCE & ME, Isabella Salvetti, Italy  
  • [CRT] Curtinhas Prize
    TO: GERARD, Taylor Meacham, USA  
  • [MG] My Generation
    JAG, JULIA, Arvin Kananian, Sweden  
  • [EUR] Vila do Conde Short Film Candidate to the European Film Awards
    NHA MILA, Denise Fernandes, Portugal  
  • [TO!] Hounorable Mention TO!
    CORTE, Afonso Rapazote, Portugal  
  • [CRT] Honourable Mention M/6
    TOBI AND THE TURBOBUS, Verena Fels, Germany