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July 8 : Day Highlights

8 July 2013
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On the third day of Curtas 2013, the Festival kicks off in strength with the International Competition (in Room 1). The Portuguese Panorama is still taking place and begins the Take One! Competition and the European Panorama. The Municipal Theatre also will see the first concert of the week (White Haus) and the second session with Estaleiro films.

The main highlight of the day is the premiere of new the Estaleiro films. After Gonçalo Tocha, it's time to present three new projects (21:00, Room 1): Mahjong, by João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata (about Varziela, a Chinatown in Vila do Conde); Helvécio Marins Jr . and Felipe Bragança (about a Portuguese who receives a bird from Brazil and imagines the paradise), and André Tentúgal (a fiction about the lost memory of a woman). Also in highlight, the Festival presents a concert - with inspiration from the 70’s New York – by White Haus (00:00, Room 1), a new project of João Vieira (X-Wife).

At night, the International Competition (22:30, Room 1) starts with the first competitive session and the second session of the Portuguese Panorama is screened (21:45, Room 2), with films by Sandro Aguilar, Bruno de Almeida and André Gil Mata. However, the Festival day begins at 11:00 with the first session of the European Panorama: today dedicated to Lithuania. Still at the afternoon, it is presented the first school short films, in the Take One! Competition (18:30, Room 2).