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Portugal celebrates The Short Film Day

10 November 2014
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After it's successful debut in 2013, the Short Film Day is back to Portugal on December 21st with several screenings around the country. 


This year, the event starts on December 9th  with many screenings in schools sessions culminating on the 21st of the same month, the shortest day of the year in mid-winter solstice. This astronomical phenomenon inspired the idea to promote short films encouraging public meetings in different places.


Whether online, on television, in cinemas, libraries, cultural centers, film societies or in different audience and community spaces presenting short films during this short but intense day will give the public the opportunity to discover a large number of filmmakers and their works.


During the day of December 21st cities across the country will present a selection of short films with national and international productions for adults and children. Like last year, the event will start in a few special places at midnight with parties, music and films non-stop.


The Short Film Day was born in France in 2011 and every year it's celebrated at the same time in over 40 countries worldwide. In Portugal, the initiative will, once again, be developed by the Short Film Agency in cooperation with several of its European partners, including Short Film Circuit.   

About the Portuguese Short Film Agency…


The Portuguese Short Film Agency was created in January 1999 by the same team of Curtas Vila do Conde — International Film Festival, in association with ICAM — Portuguese Film Institute.


The Agency deals with a catalogue of more than 140 audiovisual works, including animation, documentary, fiction, experimental film or other, and all formats, providing that their duration would be less than 60 minutes, that is, on condition that it would be a short film.


Our activity consists in the promotion and diffusion of these works through the main film events, festivals and short film markets, as well as all the potential exhibitors (distributors, television or any other diffusion channels) at worldwide level.