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Making-of 24º Curtas Vila do Conde

1 August 2016
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The latest Curtas Vila do Conde, that took place between 9 and 17 of July, was a festival for everyone. On the several sections, Curtas has shown the broadness of audiences, from the most passionate cinemagoer, to the music lovers and the kids, the public of the future. It was, precisely, a festival between past and future, screening iconic films from the history of cinema but also looking into the new tendencies of the contemporary cinema.


During the nine of intense programing, 9 film concerts/performances were presented and 241 films were screened, coming from 46 countries, in 86 screenings that took place on both rooms of Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde to about 20.000 spectators. The 24th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde was made by a team of 138 individuals and over 350 guests, from directors to technicians, actors, producers, programmers and journalists.


The highlight goes, mainly, to the film-concerts that again, filled the rooms of the Teatro Municipal. Tindersticks and Jay-Jay Johanson showed why they are the cornerstones of a certain musical intimacy, in shows in which the moving image is essential to create sound environments. On the other hand, The Legendary Tigerman, this time with Rita Lino and Pedro Maia, charmed with a new project, premiered worldwide. It was a splendorous night. Finally, The Greg Foat Group brought the best of jazz to a film-concert with films from the classical forefront.


Like said before, Curtas Vila do Conde was a filmgoer festival, with the screening of plenty of classical films, a lot of them on film. On the Carte Blanche of the directors João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata and also on the special program of Audiovisual Essays, there were several the “historical” films that were enjoyed by very young audiences. One of the main goals of the festival was, thus, fulfilled: to promote the cinephilia of the future. That future was also fulfilled in a Film Critic Workshop, in which thirteen participants wrote over 40 texts about films screened in the festival.


The competitions kept their ability to bring audiences and show the best of the contemporary cinema. In 2016, the Curtas jury has awarded two filmmakers that were for the first time in Vila do Conde: the main award was to the Israeli Nadav Lapid (with “From the Diary of a Wedding Photographer”) and the best Portuguese film award was to Ana Maria Gomes (with “António, Dashing António”). That way, it was proved that there is a generational renewal of the short film cinema.


The European Panorama, in collaboration with several support and cinema promoting entities from their respective countries presented, once more, a selection of the best short films from various European cinematographies. In 2016 invited countries were Holland, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland. The Portuguese Panorama presented relevant films from 2015 that were screened in other Portuguese festivals, from authors like Leonor Teles, Pedro Peralta, José Miguel Ribeiro, Filipe Abranches and Simão Cayatte


Curtas Vila do Conde dedicated a retrospective to Borderline Films, with the screening of several short films and feature films from the American independent cinema collective and the presence of one of the founders, Josh Mond.


Last, but not least, the exhibition “From the Pearl River to the River Ave” was another of the highlights. For the first time in Portugal, the duo João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata have presented an exhibition on an art gallery, combining film elements (Films or rushes of their projects) with scenic elements of their works. The exhibition will be until the 25th of September in Solar – Cinematic Art Gallery.


With a part ambience, in which the nights were also important, Curtas Vila do Conde has shown, again, that it is a gathering point for creators and audience, where much can be shared and discovered. Next year there is more, in a special edition: the 25th anniversary!