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Highlights of the day : July 12th

12 July 2017
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We are already halfway on Curtas Vila do Conde, and there are many reasons to visit the festival this Wednesday! 
The National Competition, one of the most awaited moments of the festival, continues today. At 9.15pm we will show four more movies of this year's selection: "Thursday Night", by Gonçalo Almeida, "Surpresa", by Paulo Patrício, "O Homem Eterno", by Luís Costa and "Os Humores Artificiais", by Gabriel Abrantes, and at 8pm we repeat yesterday's session. Still within the competitions, highlight to the two International Competition sessions, at 10.30pm and at 11.30pm, where we will keep on showing the best of international contemporary cinema.  

It starts today the Experimental Competition, where cinema convetions are challenged, going beyond the known techniques. To see at 6.30pm. 

The Carte Blanche continues today, with a double session! At 3pm we have the choices by Eduardo Brito and Miguel Gomes: "A Story for the Modlins", by Sergio Oskman, and "Le Ventre de L'Amérique", by Luc Moullet. Later, at 9.45pm, the session features the choices by  João Lopes, Valter Hugo Mãe and Francisco Ferreira: "De L'Origine Du XXle Siécle", by Jean-Luc Godard, "Seasons", by Artavadz Pelechian and "A Caça", by Manoel de Oliveira. 
The Meetings with Directors start today, with sessions that promote the dialogue with directors from the International and Experimental Competition, at 2pm, and from the National Competition at 4pm. 
Also today, we have the first "Cinema Expandido" session, a cine-talk with João Tabarra and Nicola Brenez titled "Let the Images Speak for a While", that will mix a debate with some of the artists' work, that participated in the exhibition 4.56.20 at Solar – Galeria de Arte Cinemática. 

At the Auditório Municipal, the free cinema sessions will keep on going, with a selection of fun movies to all the family.  

Today's Stereo section has two sessions, with Chassol. The French artist has its premiere in Portugal at Curtas Vila do Conde, presenting its movie "Indiamore", at 6pm at Auditório Municipal. Later, at midnight, the musician presents, in concerto, his most recent project, "Big Sun". 

Todays party happens in Barcearia, with Karlon Crioulo (protagonista de Altas Cidades de Ossadas, de João Salaviza) e Nitronious (Monster Jinx).   

The tickets for the festival are being sold at Teatro Municipal, at Auditório Municipal and at the Online Ticket Office.