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Highlights of the day : July 14th

14 July 2017
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The In Focus retrospective continues today, with another movie by te French filmmaker F. J. Ossang. "Le Tresor Des Iles Chiennes" tells the story of a world after the atomic era. An engineer disappears, together with his consortium (Kyro'Corp) and his discovery: a new energy source, fueled by the fusion of two primary substances. Ulysses, Kyro'Corp's heir, organizes an expedition to the only place where these substances exist.

The National Competition, one of the most awaited moments of the festival, continues today. At 9.15pm we will show three more movies of this year's selection: "Das Gavetas Nascem Sons", by Vítor Hugo, "Oú En Êtes-Vous, João Pedro Rodrigues", by João Pedro Rodrigues and "Coelho Mau", by Carlos Conceição. At 8pm we repeat yesterday's session. Still within the competitions, highlight to the two International Competition sessions, at 5pm and at 10.30pm, and to the Experimental Competition, 6.30pm. 
The Carte Blanche continues today, featuring the choices by Pedro Marta Santos and Cláudia Marques Santos: "La Jetée", by Chris Marker and "Toby Dammit", by Frederico Fellini.
The Meetings with Directors continue today, with sessions that promote the dialogue with directors from the International and Experimental Competition, at 2pm, and from the National Competition at 4pm. 

The Cinema Expandido sessions continue today, with a talk between Filipa César and Louis Henderson about capitalism and colonialism and how is to possible to deconstruct institutionalized speeches.
Today's European Panorama will feature films from the United Kingdom, at 6pm at Auditório Municipal. Before that, at 2pm at the same place, the free cinema sessions will keep on going, with a selection of fun movies to all the family.  

Today's Stereo section presents a concert by the portuguese band Capitão Fausto, a usual presence at the festival. The portuguese band preforms at the 25th Curtas Vila do Conde to play, live, their most recent album, "Capitão Fausto Têm Os Dias Contados". In this show, the rock band introduces itself in a different format, playing songs like "Corazón", "Amanhã Tou Melhor" and "Morro na Praia", while revisiting moments of the making of these songs, through the documentary "Pontas Soltas" (Loose Ends). To see at midnight, at Sala 1 in Teatro Municipal.

The day ends at Barcearia, with Sérgio Gomes and BREAKS lda..

The tickets for the festival are being sold at Teatro Municipal, at Auditório Municipal and at the Online Ticket Office.