Highlights of the day : July 15th

15 July 2017
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This Saturday, Curtas Vila do Conde promotes the debate "Portuguese Cinema: doubts, certainties and expectations", a conversation about the current political context of the national cinema and the consequences of the change made on the Cinema Law, at 6pm at the Auditório Municipal.

The In Focus retrospective on F. J. Ossang continues today with a double session. At 3pm we will show every short-cut by the director, followed by a debate with F. J. Ossang himself and the investigator Nicole Brenez. At 11.30pm, and closing this year's In Focus section, we exhibit the film "Dr. Chance", starring the portuguese actor Pedro Hestnes. In this story, Angstel switches forged portraits, under the orientation of his mother, Milady. His connections include other obscure subjects, causing he rage of a rival gang. Angstel falls in love with Ancetta, a prostitute, e runs away with her to the north of Chile.

The National Competition, continues today. At 9.15pm we will show three more movies of this year's selection: "Cedrim", by Diogo Vale, "Longe da Amazónia", by Francisco Carvalho and "Farpões Baldios", by Marta Mateus. At 8pm we repeat yesterday's session. Still within the competitions, highlight to the two International Competition sessions, at 5pm and at 10.30pm, and to the Experimental Competition, 6.30pm. 

The Carte Blanche continues today, featuring the choices by João Faria, Paulo Furtado and Sabrina D. Marques: "Coffee and Cigarettes", by Jim Jarmusch; "Kaleidoscope", by Len Lye; "Visa de Censure No.X", by Pierre Clémenti.
The Meetings with Directors continue today, with sessions that promote the dialogue with directors from the International and Experimental Competition, at 2pm, and from the National Competition at 4pm. 

Today's Stereo section presents a concert by the portuguese band Mão Morta. This year, their mythical album "Mutantes S21" turns 25, and so, 9 years later, they return to Curtas Vila do Conde, to celebrate the work that put them in the spolight of portuguese music.
The day ends at Café do Parque, with a DJ Set by The Legendary Tigerman.

The tickets for the festival are being sold at Teatro Municipal, at Auditório Municipal and at the Online Ticket Office.