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Workshop and illustration show in April

5 April 2018
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In April, Animar 13 presents a commemorative session of Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, a parallel illustration show and an illustration workshop for beginners with Joana Estrela.

On April 15, Curtas Vila do Conde presents a commemorative session of the 40th Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival and the 10th Anatomie du Labo. This session, taking place at Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde, brings together four short films selected from the Labo section of the French festival: "Everything (Tout)", by David O'Reilly, "Reruns (Rediffusions)", by Rosto, "Proch (Poussière)", by Jakub Radej, "Black America Again", by Bradford Young, "Shadow Nettes", by Phillip Barker and "Retour", by Pang-Chuan Huang.

On the same day, opens the illustration show Anatomie du Labo 10, which will be exhibited in the foyer of the theater until the end of Animar 13, on May 19.

Vila do Conde, through the Curtas Metragens CRL association, was one of the cities chosen to host this itinerant show, which will leave the French city for a journey in Europe. The Anatomie du Labo invites international artists - proposed by various festivals - to illustrate the films in competition in the Labo section of the Clermont-Ferrand Festival program. The main objective is to promote dialogue between filmmakers and viewers. Júlio Dolbeth joined the exhibition representing Curtas Vila do Conde. The Portuguese illustrator has been working in partnership with the festival and the results are visible even on the walls of the city.

On April 21, the illustrators Joana Estrela and Sofia Rocha e Silva come to the Solar Galeria de Arte Cinemática to guide a workshop of illustration based on the songs of intervention of the Carnation Revolution, aimed at children between 8 and 12 years. Inscriptions can be sent to and have a cost of 10 euros. On the same day, the film "L'Aventure Commence" by Thierry Frémaux will also be shown, also in the municipal theater, in partnership with the Cineclube de Vila do Conde.