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Solar inaugurates exhibition "O Caso Caligari"

26 June 2019
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Caso Caligari is the title of the exhibition that will mark, in Vila do Conde, the centenary of one of the milestones of German expressionist cinema:  The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, by Robert Wiene.

 The exhibition will include unpublished works by Daniel Blaufuks, Eduardo Brito, Reiner Kohlberger and Jonathan Uliel Saldanha created for Solar - Galeria de Arte Cinemática. Each invited artist will present a work whose source, inspiration, resonance or reference is the film of Wiene, from its pre- and post-history, to the production or criticism, including the biographies of its creators and the materiality of its support. Opened on Saturday, July 6, 2019, at 7pm, Caso Caligari aims to celebrate the film through contemporary artistic creation between the cinematic image and the expanded cinema, thus reflecting on the cinematic visions that can still be created from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

The challenge launched by the organization to the four artists was to create a proposal that would combine an approach to Wiener's cinematographic work and the very peculiar space of the gallery. Daniel Blaufuks, a visual artist who works in photography, video and cinema, was part of the Portuguese Competition of Curtas twice and Solar's programming with the exhibition Viagens com a minha tia in 2009. For this exhibition, he proposes a long-lasting video essay, From Caligari to Jud Süss, where he contrasts the film honoured with Jud Süss, a work born of the very effective National Socialist propaganda machine. Eduardo Brito has been part of the Portuguese Competition of Curtas three times and is represented by Agencia with the films "Penúmbria", from 2016, and "Declive", from 2018, having also collaborated in several projects of Curtas Metragens CRL. In July, in Vila do Conde, he presents a video installation on three channels: Curiosities of the Cabinet (each story is always a remake of another story). Reiner Kohlberger, German artist, performer and director, has been participating regularly in the Experimental Competition and will integrate, this year, the Stereo programming with the Brainbows performance. In Caso Caligari he will show DDDM, which works on the limits of technological paraphernalia, video and sound, and, at the same time, those of perception, physical, intellectual and emotional reaction of the spectator. Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, musician, composer and artist, was part of the Stereo do Curtas program in 2018, with a show resulting from an artistic residency with the American Moor Mother, in addition to the performance at Solar, parallel to the exhibition Ruins/Rites/Runes integrated in the exhibition of Ben Rivers and Ben Russell, in 2015. At Solar presents a new formula of Anoxia, a work that works with sound and video image in double projection. 

The exhibition will also feature a parallel programme developed in partnership with the 27 Curtas Vila do Conde, including a round table discussion on cinema expressionism and the emergence of this movement in its time, with the participation of Abílio Hernandez Cardoso, retired professor of English literature and film history and aesthetics; António Roma Torres, film critic, psychiatrist and author of literary works on cinema and theatre plays; and Nuno Faria, professor, curator, artistic director of the Museu da Cidade do Porto. The conversation will be moderated by Daniel Ribas, researcher, programmer and film critic. A film-concert will complement the parallel activities, with the premiere of an original soundtrack commissioned by the composer-interpreter, Tiago Cutileiro and cellist Marta Navarro. It will also be possible to see the exhibition on a guided tour with the presence of most of the artists with works on display, on Wednesday, July 10, 2019, starting at 4pm.