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Curtas premieres new section dedicated to amplifying new voices in world cinema

17 August 2020
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New Voices will be the new non-competitive section of Curtas de Vila do Conde which aims to be a space for the exhibition of emerging directors, whose work of short and first feature films already constitutes a consistent and differentiating body of work. At a time when the cinema is facing new challenges for its distribution, this programmatic space solidifies the commitment of the festival to discover new trends and support for cinematography that will mark the future of the sector. For the first edition the choice is made with female voices. Three directors, with different connections to the festival itself, whose work, in film, performance and installation, has mirrored, in a particularly idiosyncratic way, issues of identity, sense of belonging and connection to territories. Elena López Riera, Ana Elena Tejera and Ana Maria Gomes are the new voices to meet between October 3 and 11.

Elena López Riera is a Spanish visual artist and filmmaker, working since 2008 in Switzerland, where she teaches cinema and literature at the University of Geneva. She is co-founder of the Lacasinegra collective dedicated to research and experimentation of new audiovisual devices. Her first short film, Pueblo, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and her film Las vísceras was selected for the Locarno Film Festival, where she would win the Poardino de D'oro in 2018, with Los que desean. Her work questions the ways in which the new generations query the cultural heritage transmitted, as well as the ways in which individual actions represent the collective consciousness.

Ana Maria Gomes is a French-Portuguese artist and filmmaker who lives and works in Paris. She graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, and continued her studies at Le Fresnoy, specializing in video art. In 2004, she made her first short film Simomen, a portrait of her 14-year-old brother. In 2014, he directed Lindo António, a film about his uncle who left Portugal and went to Brazil 50 years ago - never to return. Gomes' work focuses on the role of fiction in the construction of personal identities, with particular focus on his intimate and family circle.

Ana Elena Tejera is a Panamanian filmmaker, visual artist and actress. She studied psychology, performing arts and documentary film and is currently a resident artist at Le Fresnoy. She studied with Béla Tarr, Pedro Costa, José Luis Guerin, Patricio Guzman, among others, and has also collaborated in the restoration of part of the Panamanian film archive at the Filmoteca de Catalunya. She is also creator and artistic director of the Festival de La Memoria, an artistic project of performance and installations in urban decontextualized spaces with images from political archives, and member of the Chroma Theatre Company of Barcelona. She is mainly interested in the crossing of audiovisual formats and performance. Tejera premiered his first feature film, Panquiaco, at the Rotterdam International Film Festival.

Using different languages, Tejera, Gomes and Riera's works are concerned with personal territories and intimacies, taking a close and contemporary look at issues related to their cultural heritage and inevitably taking root in the environment where they grew up. Through their films, they challenge us to problematize issues related to a cultural heritage marked by ancestral rituals and with a strong origin in male territory. The focus that Curtas de Vila do Conde dedicates to them will include the passage of Más Que A Mi Suerte, Pueblo, Las Vísceras, Los Que Desean, Panquiaco, António, Lindo António and Bustarenga.
Ana Maria Gomes won the National Competition in 2016 with António Lindo António, her most recent film Bustarenga being a production by Curtas CRL. Elena Lopez Riera was the winner of the last edition of the festival with the film Los que desean and Ana Elena Tejera has just directed Panquiaco, her first feature film, premiered at the Rotterdam festival, and shot between Vila do Conde and Panama. The festival's programme, which this year takes place between October 3rd and 11th, will be revealed over the coming months, as well as details on ticket purchases.


António, Lindo António, Ana Maria Gomes, France, 2015, DOC, 41'47''
Bustarenga, Ana Maria Gomes, Portugal, France, 2019, DOC, 30''
Las Vísceras, Elena López Riera, Spain, France, 2016, FIC, 15''
Los Que Desean, Elena López Riera, Spain, Switzerland, 2018, FIC, 24''
Más Que A Mi Suerte, Elena López Riera, Spain, 2007, FIC, 14''
Panquiaco, Ana Elena Tejera, Panamá, 2020, DOC, 80'
Pueblo, Elena López Riera, Switzerland, Spain, 2015, FIC, 27''