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Curtas announces closed programme and simultaneous sessions in Vila do Conde, Lisbon, Porto and Faro

18 September 2020
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The programme for the 28th edition of Curtas de Vila do Conde is closed. A total of 261 films will mark the various sections of the festival, which this year will take its National Competition to the cinemas of Vila do Conde, Lisbon, Porto and Faro. This decision reaffirms the festival's commitment to the cinema and to supporting national production and the short film format as a space for discovery and experimentation. 

Curtas will thus integrate a selection of 17 works of animation, fiction and documentary, which is faithful in the search and discovery of the best that is being produced in Portugal. Sandro Aguilar, Cláudia Varejão, Carlos Conceição, Pedro Peralta, Patrick Mendes, João Rosas, Filipa César, Alexandra Ramires, Natália Azevedo Andrade, Denise Fernandes, Diogo Salgado, Luís Costa, Igor Dimitri, Nuno Baltazar, Catarina Romano, Inês Nunes and Eduardo Brito are the selected directors. The sessions of the national competition will take place in the Municipal Theatre of Vila do Conde, in the Ideal Cinema (Lisbon, 7 to 11 October), Trindade Cinema (Oporto, 5 to 9 October) and the Auditorium of the Portuguese Sports and Youth Institute of Faro (6 to 10 October), being accompanied, in the first three cities, by conversations with the authors. In the year marking the 20th anniversary of the Short Film Agency, the festival will also include the launch of a book that looks back at the last two decades of Portuguese cinema: Reframing Portuguese Cinema in the 21st Century counts on the contributions of a dozen film programmers and critics.


Also with an entirely national programme, the Stereo section will take to the stage the latest project by Paulo Furtado (The Legendary Tigerman) and Pedro Maia. "Guanche" has been shot between the mountains of Madeira Island and the Atlantic Ocean and proposes a work around man, development and his relationship with nature. In Vila do Conde, Maia and Furtado present a first artistic approach to the feature film in cine-concerto format composed of parts of the film editing, processed here live, with original musical accompaniment and live narration by Íris Cayatte. In its northern premiere, the section dedicated to the intersections between music and cinema will also include the films "Antena3 Docs Presents Rapública #2 Pintar o Hip Hop", the mocumentary "Ricardo" about a mysterious character who invaded the stage of the Sensible Soccers concert and "A Vida Duraco Muito Pouco - Celebrando a obra de José Pinhal", as well as the usual videoclip competition. 


It was a long period of realization of "O Sentido da Vida", the new work of "Miguel Gonçalves Mendes" that, after 20 years, returns to Vila do Conde. 5 years of filming, which covers four continents, inhabited by seven archetypal characters from different regions of the world. The next feature film by the director of Jose e Pilar, features Marina Silva, Dilma Roussef, Valter Hugo Mãe, Julian Assange among others, and will be presented, in a first version in the section From Short to Long. In this section the national premiere of "Casa de Antiguidades", the latest film by João Paulo Miranda, selected for the Cannes 2020 competition, which touches on themes related to racial exclusion in southern Brazil. The festival will also feature "Command Action" (2015), "The Girl Who Danced with the Devil" (2016) and "Formicidal Girls" (2017). The national premiere of "First Cow" by "Kelly Reichardt" and the previews of "The Heirs of Saramago: ep. Valter Hugo Mãe" and "Vencidos da Vida", the next film by Rodrigo Areias, should also be highlighted.


In the usual Panorama sections, Curtas will look at the recent production from Romania and Poland, as well as spend some of the Portuguese works that marked the last twelve months: "A Dança do Cipreste", by Mariana Caló, Francisco Queimadela, "Meine Liebe", by Clara Jost, "Mesa", by João Fazenda, "O Cordeiro de Deus", by David Vicente Pinheiro, are the chosen films. Close the highlight to national production with a special note about the Take One! competition, a space dedicated to looking into the future, composed of films produced in film schools. 


For the first time in its history, Curtas presents much of its programming also online, through the VoD (Video on Demand) format, allowing the audience to meet the filmmakers and access a wider audience, which is especially important in a context of isolation and when culture is an essential asset. This is particularly important in a context of isolation and when culture is an essential asset. The schedule of film sessions, in partnership with Shift72, as well as debates, interviews and masterclasses are planned.


Already announced were the focuses on the work of Spanish director Isaki Lacuesta and directors Ana Maria Gomes, Elena López Riera and Ana Elena Tejera; the international and experimental competition with the premiere of films by Sergei Loznitsa, Jafar Panahi, Guy Maddin and Nicolas Pereda, among others, and the programme of Cinema Revisitado, this year with new perspectives on the production of Jean-Luc Godard, the celebration of One Week's 100th anniversary, by Buster Keaton, a carte blanche for the filmmaker Frank Beauvais and the premiere of the restored copy of The Message, the first feature by José Fonseca e Costa. 


As usual, Curtas also offers a special programme dedicated to the youngest. Betting on the reunion of families with the cinema, Curtinhas will organise sessions that travel through the universes and interests of different ages. Taking place in the Municipal Theatre of Vila do Conde, there will be sessions for 3, 6 and 10 year olds. 


The 28th edition of Curtas de Vila do Conde will take place between 3 and 11 October. The complete programme can be acessed HERE.