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Paulo Furtado and Pedro Maia premiere new film-concert in the Stereo section of Curtas

23 September 2020
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Paulo Furtado returns to Vila do Conde in October to present Guanche, a new multidimensional work this time alongside Pedro Maia, Íris Cayatte and Duarte Ferreira. The film-concert is part of the Stereo section, dedicated to exploring the multiple possible dialogues between music and cinema.

In the same section, Curtas will screen “Implantação da Rapública #2 Pintar o Hip Hop”, the second chapter of the documentary series that Antena3 is dedicating to the universe of national rap, where we talk about graffiti with some of the pioneering artists of street art in Portugal.  To complete the program of Stereo, two Portuguese documentaries, “Ricardo” by Luís Sobreiro and “A Vida Dura Muito Pouco – Celebrando a obra de José Pinhal” by Dinis Leal Machado. 


Paulo Furtado has been an assiduous presence in Curtas de Vila do Conde, where he has been circulating almost all the work of cross between image and sound that he has produced in recent years. In 2020, together with director Pedro Maia, actress Íris Cayatte and sound artist Duarte Ferreira, he will premiere Guanche, a first artistic approach to what will be his next feature film. Based on the filming done in Madeira (in the Super8 format it likes so much), Guanche will be a cine-concerto composed of parts of the film's editing, processed here live by Pedro Maia, with original musical accompaniment by The Legendary Tigerman and narrated, live, by Íris Cayatte. Still undated, Guanche is a work around man, development and his relationship with nature. 


“Ricardo” by Luís Sobreiro, a mocumentary about a mysterious character who invaded the stage of the Sensible Soccers concert in Paredes de Coura, and “A Vida Vida muito Pouco – Celebrando a obra de José Pinhal”, a film that tries to trace the life history of the musician who, in recent years, has become a cult phenomenon with a new generation of Portuguese music. 


The Stereo section also includes the music video competition, with are films that have given image to songs by Batida, Moullinex, Capicua, Filipe Sambado, Pop Dell'Arte, Clã, Surma, Sereias or João Pais Filipe. 





Saturday 3 October, 10:15pm, SALA 1, Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde


Antena3 Docs Apresenta Implantação da Rapública #2 Pintar o Hip Hop, Catarina Peixoto, Portugal, DOC, 25' 

A Vida Dura Muito Pouco – Celebrando a Obra de José PinhalDinis Leal Machado, Portugal, 2020, DOC, 23’

RicardoLuís Sobreiro, Portugal , 2020, FIC, DOC, 29’



Friday 9 October, 10:15pm, SALA 1, Teatro Municipal Vila do Conde

GUANCHE film-concert, with Paulo Furtado, Pedro Maia, Iris Cayatte



Saturday 10 October, 10:15pm, SALA 1, Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde