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24 September 2020
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Short films seem to be back in fashion again, with several renowned authors recently returning to this format. A session that celebrates the short film and presents a set of works by internationally renowned filmmakers who have since established themselves in feature films and who insist on returning to short films.

Whether it is a form of experimentation with the possibilities of cinema, or as a way to get around the constraints of a traditional production, or the immediate result of an increasing ease of sharing a work with the public through new technologies, there are several examples, from works presented at festivals such as Yorgos Lanthimos ("Nimic"), the recording of a cinematic trip by João Pedro Rodrigues ("Potemkin Steps") and José Luis Guerin ("De una Isla") or even Jonathan Glazer's film ("The Fall") which interrupted the BBC's broadcast. 

For many it is a return to a format they adopted at the beginning of their career, a path from short to feature that is part of a director's normal journey. 

It is this path that allows shorts to be a window to the future of their authors, a reflection of a defining time of their cinema.


João Pedro Rodrigues · Portugal · 2019 · DOC · 3’

Yorgos Lanthimos · Germany/United Kingdom/USA · 2019 · FIC · 12’

Jonathan Glazer · United Kingdom · 2019 · FIC · 7’


José Luis Guerin · Spain · 2019 · FIC · 25’