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Curtas travels around the country with award-winning films

14 October 2020
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The 28th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival ended last October 11th, with the closing ceremony and announcement of the awarded films. This year, as in the previous ones, Curtas Vila do Conde tours the country again with a selection of some of the best films of this edition. The "Best of Curtas" will screened some of the awarded films, and the "Curtinhas" session, dedicated to the youngest, is composed of small and fun films thought for the whole family.

The extensions of the 28th Curtas Vila do Conde depart on October 15th and will last until February 2021, in different cities throughout the country: Lisbon, Porto, Silves, Vila Real, Viseu, Odivelas, Madeira, Pombal and Évora.

In the program "Best of Curtas" will be presented the films "Elo" by Alexandra Ramires (winner of the prize for Best Animation), "Hidden" by Jafar Panahi (winner of the prize for Best Documentary), "Dustin" by Naïla Guiguet (winner of the prize for Best Fiction) and "Physique De La Tristesse" by Theodore Ushev ( winner of the prize for Public).

For the little ones, the session "Curtinhas" presents a selection of this festival competition where the jury itself is composed of children: "Au Large" by Mathilde Pepinster, "Black & White" by Jesús Pérez and Gerd Gockell, "The Witch and the Baby" and "O 28" by Otalia Caussé, Geoffroy Collin, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, Robin Merle and Fabien Meyran, "Tobi and the Turbobus" by Verena Fels, Marc Angele, "Mathilda and the Spare Head" by Ignas Meilunas and "Luce & Me" by Isabella Salvetti.


In Lisbon and Porto, the Cinemateca Portuguesa and the Cinema Trindade, after having received the 17 films of the National Competition, are now showing a special program of two sessions. At the Cinemateca Portuguesa, the first session includes the films "Noite Turva" by Diogo Salgado, "O Rio Invisível" by Pham Ngoc Lân, "Dustin" by Naïla Guiguet, "Hidden" by Jafar Panahi. At Trindade Cinema, the program aligns with "Our Kingdom" by Luis Costa, "The Invisible River" by Pham Ngoc Lân, "Dustin" by Naïla Guiguet, "Hidden" by Jafar Panahi. The second session, scheduled at the Cinemateca Portuguesa and Cinema Trindade, includes "Elo" by Alexandra Ramires, "South" by Morgan Quaintance and "Physique De La Tristesse" by Theodore Ushev.

Extensions Calendar:


Cinemateca Portuguesa

15, 16 Oct - Special Program


Cinema Trindade

19, 20 Oct - Special Program


Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório

24 Oct - "Best of Curtas”, “Curtinhas”


Shortcutz Vila Real

3 Nov - "Best of Curtas”


Shortcutz Viseu

6 Nov - "Best of Curtas”


Centro Cultural Malaposta

Dec - "Best of Curtas"


Screenings Funchal

5 Dec - "Best of Curtas”


Auditório Municipal de Pombal

13, 20, 27 Feb 2021 - "Best of Curtas”, "My Generation", "Curtinhas”"


Direção Regional da Cultura do Alentejo

19, 20 Feb 2021 - "Best of Curtas”, "My Generation", "Curtinhas”