"Name Above Title" at the Sevilla Festival

12 November 2020
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"Name Above Title", the most recent film by Carlos Conceição, was selected for the competitive section "Permanent Revolutions" at the 17th edition of the Sevilla Festival, to be held from 6-14th November. 

After premiering at the 28th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival, "Name Above Title" has its international premiere at Sevilla Festival.

With an original title inspired by the gialli - a sub-genre of Italian horror very popular in the 70's - the satire follows Candice, a Candide a cold and seductive serial killer that falls in love with a girl who just committed suicide. The film shows little more than 24 hours in the life of the protagonist whose peaceful life is transformed by an accident that turns him into an instant social network star.

Written and directed by Carlos Conceição,  "Name Above Title" fits into the visual and narrative universe created by the filmmaker, in which symbolic fetishism and sadism stand out as well as the lugubrious ambiences and the subversive surrealist tone. 
"In our times, videos shared on social media often present themselves as unquestionable truths, but it's very frequent that another perspective, showing one or two seconds more, radically changes the narrative." - says Carlos Conceição - "As citizens/spectators, we are permanently invited to do the editing and re-learn the world that way".

Carlos Conceição is a regular presence at Vila do Conde – where he has been an author In Focus (2019), a member of the Take One! competition jury (2014), and premiered several of his works, such as “Serpentarius” (2019) and “Bad Bunny” (2017)