François Reichenbach, António Campos and Alain Resnais in Curtas Vila do Conde's Cinema Revisited programme

29 March 2022
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Programmes celebrating the centenary of birth of António Campos and Alain Resnais, a special programme about François Reichenbach's work (developed in co-production with Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira) and the unique screening of "The Outsiders - The Complete Novel" are some of the highlights of this year's programme of Cinema Revisited, Curtas' section dedicated to directors and works that mark the history of cinema. Taking place between July 9th and 17th, the Vilacondense festival is preparing an edition that brings short films back to the big screen, in a year that marks 30 years of existence. 

Traveller, musicologist, collector, curious, François Reichenbach was a little bit everywhere, without always being interested in everything he saw. Some would say that he mastered the ability to be in the right place at the right time and that, as such, whenever he turned on his camera something extraordinary happened. His documentary work is marked by a remarkable capacity for observation and a keen sense of humour, as well as a constant desire to portray bodies, document landscapes and cities, and record their sounds and voices. In a co-production with Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira from the Serralves Foundation, Curtas Vila do Conde dedicates to him, this year, a retrospective cycle that will look at part of his work, which will integrate about twenty films to be shown in Oporto and in Vila do Conde, among which "Nus Masculins", "L'Amerique insolite", "Les Marines" and "Prisons in America". 

António Campos is one of the first filmmakers in Portugal to dedicate himself to the practice of documentary film from the perspective of visual anthropology. To understand his work today is to look at the place and the evolution of the genre in Portugal, but also to understand the unique way in which he filmed the country that extends beyond the large cities in the 1960s and 1970s. Considered a filmmaker on the margins, a loner, Campos is today seen as one of the leading exponents of Portuguese documentary cinema, and his work has been the subject of retrospectives and studies in recent years, as well as a digitalization effort within the Digitization Plan of Portuguese Cinema of the Cinemateca Portuguesa and the FILMar/EEA Grant project. In a partnership with the Cinemateca Portuguesa, Curtas Vila do Conde presents, in this edition, a special programme that marks the centenary of his birth, which includes, among others, "Almadraba Atuneira", "A Invenção do Amor", "Um Tesoiro" and "Gente da Praia de Vieira". 

This section, dedicated to looking at and re-contextualising the great classics of cinema, will also celebrate one hundred years since the birth of Alain Resnais, the greatest name of the Nouvelle Vague and one of those responsible for the modernity of European cinema at that time. The cycle that Curtas dedicates to him will show four short films: "Nuit et brouillard", "Guernica", "Le chant du Styrène" and "Toute la mémoire du monde". 

To close this Cinema Revisited programme, we must also highlight the screening of "The Outsiders - The Complete Novel", where Francis Ford Coppola revisits the film based on the novel by S.E. Hinton, adding 20 minutes of footage that bring the beginning and the end of the feature closer to the story told in the book that inspired it. 

More information about Curtas Vila do Conde's programme will be revealed in the coming months.