Steve Gunn, Raül Refree and Rodrigo Amado in the list of film-concert proposals of Curtas Vila do Conde

8 June 2022
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A meeting point par excellence, Stereo, in each edition of Curtas, compiles a set of proposals that, through the junction between music and cinema, intend to widen the horizons of presentation of the seventh art. To this year's edition, the 30th in the history of the festival, we anticipate performances by Steve Gunn for Stan Brakhage's films, the collaboration of Raül Refree and Pedro Maia around the universe of F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu, a revisit to F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu, a revisit to the post April 25th period in the 1975 Mobilização Geral performance and an adapted version of I Don't Know Karate But I know Ka-razor! by Filipe Marques. The section also includes several open-air cinema sessions and the traditional music video competition.

With a career that includes a good dozen records under his own name and many collaborations with names such as Kurt Vile, Mike Cooper, Marcia Bassett or Bardo Pond, Steve Gunn's music wanders between genres, receptive to all kinds of sounds. He started out as a teenager with punk, later venturing into psychedelic and exploratory music until he established himself as a kind of secret that should be discovered among the singer-songwriters of his generation. In Curtas he presents an immersive show, where he accompanies the film Visions in Meditation 1-4, by Stan Brakhage, a meditative visual narrative that travels through various landscapes and moments of profound human symbolism. The presentation will take place on the 16th July, at 11.45 p.m., at Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde. 
La peste - Una deconstrucción musical y visual de Nosferatu is a proposal of visual and musical reinterpretation that opens new readings for the seminal film by F.W. Murnau's seminal film. Conceived by Raül Refree (music) and Pedro Maia (images), the show takes as its pillars the epidemic, the animals, death or the landscapes of Transylvania to add new textures tensioned through the baroque organ, the piano or electronic percussion. National premiere at Curtas on the 12th July, 11.45 p.m., at the Teatro Municipal. 
At a time when the official celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution (to be commemorated in 2024) have begun, Curtas presents Porto 1975 Mobilização Geral, a show based on footage that José Alves de Sousa captured in the city of Porto from the "hot summer" of 1975 until the beginning of the 1980s. Accompanying the "democracy festival" that took place in those times, the recordings present the popular mobilizations on various important dates for the consolidation of our current democratic regime, between March 11th and November 25th 1975 (with the celebration of the first anniversary of April 25th in between) or the events during the PREC period. Rodrigo Amado (saxophone), Hernâni Faustino (double-bass), Carla Santana (electronics) and João Valinho (drums) compose the soundtrack for Rodrigo Brandão's words, whose spoken-word serves as commentary, reinforcement or counterpoint to the images, accentuating the revolutionary or militant side that seems lost to these days. It will be shown on the 13th of July in Vila do Conde. 
Building on the work presented at Galeria Municipal do Porto in 2019, I Don't Know Karate But I know Ka-razor! is an adapted version for the film-concert format of the work that Filipe Marques has been developing around the problematisation of the impotence of the human condition, in the control of invisible contaminations and the balance of forces and resistances. Accompanying the artist's images will be Mané Fernandes, José Marrucho and DJ Lynce, who will also perform at an after-party following the concert. 14th July at the Vila do Conde Municipal Auditorium.
As usual, Curtas will also promote a competition dedicated to music videos, which includes, among others, Conjunto Corona, Chão Maior, Sirens, Best Youth, Moullinex and Rodrigo Leão. For this year, the section also has a series of open-air film sessions lined up at Pátio da Solar - Galeria de Arte Cinemática, where we will be able to review, in recently restored prints, the film Songs For Drella, by Ed Lachman (jury at Curtas in 2012), which records the brief meeting of Lou Reed and John Cale for the recording and presentation of Songs for Drella, an album dedicated to the band's great mentor Andy Warhol, or The Last Waltz, in which Martin Scorsese filmed, exactly 50 years ago, the last meeting of The Band, whose farewell concert included the participation of names such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell.

Curtas Vila do Conde returns between July 9th and 17th. More information about the festival's programme will be revealed in the coming months.