Marie Losier's exhibition at Curtas Vila do Conde

15 June 2022
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Marie Losier is a French filmmaker and curator known above all for her filmographic works around musicians, artists and avant-garde filmmakers. Guy Maddin, Tony Conrad, Alan Veg and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge are some of the figures represented in a long list of documentaries that seem to want to subvert the conventional rules of the genre. In the middle of the digital age, Marie Losier is a filmmaker committed to the analogue and with an unusual will to create art in relation to others. Her work has toured the main international stages, as well as being the subject of focuses and retrospectives in museums, galleries and biennials in and outside the US. Following the invitation by Curtas Vila do Conde, the artist has developed a new exhibition, Excesso Chamalo, in partnership with David Legrand, which will occupy Solar - Galeria de Arte Cinemática between July 9th and September 4th.

In parallel with the exhibition, Curtas Vila do Conde will also screen a selection of the artist's films, as well as a programme of selected films where Losier looks at some of the works that have marked her artistic career. To be screened at room 2 of Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde, the Carte Blanche a Marie Losier integrates, mainly, works that she discovered at The Anthology Film Archives, founded by Jonas Mekas, Stan Brakhage, Jerome Hill and Peter Kubelka. Films that, according to Losier, are living and poetic examples of a certain freedom to film, experiment and play with conventional formats. The selection includes works by Pola Chapelle, J. J. Murphy, George Kuchar, Tony Conrad, among others.

The exhibition Excesso Chamalo opens on July 9 at 6.30 p.m., and a guided visit with the artist and David Legrand is scheduled for June 13 at 4.30 p.m.. The exhibition's parallel programme also includes the interactive street performance La Galerie du Cartable, by David Legrand, to take place at 21h15 of July 13, as well as a conversation between Marie Losier, João Pedro Rodrigues and Sandro Aguilar to take place on July 14, at 14h30, in Room 2 of Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde. 
This programme was developed under the Portugal-France Season 2022.