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Highlights of the day : July 10th

10 July 2017
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The weekend is over, but Curtas Vila do Conde is back, this Monday, to show the best of contemporary cinema! 

In the highlights of the day, we have the start of the In Focus section that, until Sunday, will show all the films from the french director F. J. Ossang. Today we show "Dharma Guns", the last film from the director. Stan wakes up from a coma, after a serious accident, finding out the genealogists are looking for someone one like him. Instead of asking questions about the testament filliation, he submits himself to Professor Starkov's legacy and travels to Las Estrellas. Today, we will proceed with the International Competition, with sessions at 5pm, 8pm and 10.30pm, where we will keep on showing the best of international contemporary cinema. 

In today's Carte Blanche, we feature the choices from Manuela Azevendo, Rui Poças and Jorge Mourinha: "The Dam Keeper", by Robert Kondo e Diasuke "Dice” Tsutsumi; "L'Etoile de Mer", by Man Ray; and "Un Transport En Comun", by Dyana Gaye.
For the National Panorama, at 9.15pm, Curtas has selected some films that help to shape the national scence when it comes to shortcuts production, relevant pieces that feature trends or other horizons in portuguese filmmaking: “Triptic” by Tiago Afonso, “Semente Extreminadora” by Pedro Neves Marques and “Flores” by Jorge Jácome. ´

Before that, at 4pm, we have the first Take One! Conversation, on the subject "In Cinema You Make Friends, with Salette Ramalho (Agência da Curta Metragem) Pela del Álamo (Curtocircuito IFF) and the director Rita Barbosa (“À Noite Fazem-se Amigos”). At 6.30pm, we also have the first Take One! Session, dedicated to films from film schools. 

This Monday, we will show, at Teatro Municipal, films from the Netherlands and Poland, in the European Panorama, at 3pm and 6pm. 

At Auditório Municipal we have the free movie sessions, at 2pm, featuring films to all the family. Also at Auditório Municipal, the musical duo Pega Monstro will preform their most recent album, "Casa de Cima", at 11.30pm. 

The day ends at Cacau Café-Bar, with the Take One! Party and a dj set by Jonathan Silva, with free entrance. 

The tickest for the festival are being sold at the ticket office in Teatro Municipal, at Auditório Municipal and at the Online Ticket Office. 

Highlights of the day : July 9th

9 July 2017
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On this second day of Curtas Vila do Conde, there are many reasons to visit the festival! 

"Mariphasa", by Sandro Aguilar, has its world premiere today, at 9.15pm. The main character of the film is named Paulo and works as a night guard in an industrial complex. The other long-cut filme being showed today is "24 Frames", a posthumous film by Abbas Kiarostami, showing a collection of 24 four and a half minute movies inspired by still images, like photos and paintings. 

Today, we are having a special session, at 5pm, with the exhibition of local movies from Vila do Conde. "Vaza", by José Manuel Sá and Paulo Pinto, tells Vania's story, a teenager from Caxinas that has a connection to the sea, like her whole family. "A Tale of Two Cities", by Morag Brennan e Steve Harrison is a film about Póvoa de Varzim in the 50's and 60's, showing the reality of both its local community and tourists. 

The International Competition starts today, with three sessions at 6.30pm, 8pm and 11.30pm, showing some of the selected movies from one of the most waited competitions of the festival, that features some of the best films in contemporary cinema. 

In today's Carte Blanche, we have the choices by Inês Nadais, Adolfo Luxuria Canibal, Tiago Alves, Inês Meneses e José Miguel Gaspar: "Oh Dear", by Nicolas Provost, "Meshes of the Afternoon", by Maya Deren e Alexender Hammid, "Corrente", by Rodrigo Areias, "Vacancy", by Matthias Muller, and Frankenweenie, by Tim Burton. 

This Sunday, Curtas returns to the place where it all began: the Auditório Municipal de Vila do Conde, where the first 18 editions of the festival occurred. 
In this place, at 6pm, we will have the presentation of book, celebrating the festival's birthday: "Curtas Vila do Conde: 25 Anos, 25 Histórias" is composed by 25 personalities (film critics, musicians, directors, writers, journalists) that have been in Vila do Conde. This texts reveal Curta's story, the one that has been told only as a secret. Memories of those who have been inside the festival. 
Participating in the book: José Miguel Gaspar (journalist); Marcos Cruz (journalist), Pedro Marta Santos (writer and journalist); João Lopes (film critic); Valter Hugo Mãe(writer); Manuela Azevedo (from the band "Clã"); Eduardo Brito (screenwriter, director and photoprapher); Francisco Ferreira (film critic); Inês Meneses (journalist); Inês Nadais (journalist); Jorge Mourinha (journalist); João Faria (designer); Ricardo Alexandre (journalist); Rodrigo Affreixo (journalist); Pedro Paixão (writer); Sabrina Marques (film critic); Adolfo Luxúria Canibal (from the band "Mão Morta"); Cláudia Marques Santos (journalist); Miguel Gomes (director); Paulo Furtado (The Legendary Tigerman); Rui Poças (director of photography); Tiago Alves (journalist); Daniel Ribas(film critic and film programmer); António Rodrigues (film programmer) e José Vieira Mendes (journalist). 

Simultaneously, we inaugurate the photo exhibition "The Glory of FIlmmaking in Portugal", a tribute to a group of people that, from acting to technic work, from directing to filme criticism, helped and help making cinema in Portugal and that, in last years, have been in the festival. 

Still in Auditório Municipal, Evols will preform thei most recent album "Evols III". 

Today's party will be at Cacau Café-Bar, with TAM (Wasser Bassin Records). 

Tickets are at sale at Teatro Municipal's ticket office, at Auditório Municipal and the online Ticket Office. 

Highlights of the day : July 8th

8 July 2017
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Curtas Vila do Conde starts today and there are many highlights throughout the day!

"Despicable Me 3" is the opening movie of Curtinhas section, dedicated to children. After being fired from the Antivillain League, for letting a very dangerous villian escape, Gru finds out that he has a brother named Dru, that wants him to back on the track to being a villain. Will he refuse the offer? Or will he be tempted by his old ways? To be seen at 3.30pm.

The festival's official opening session, at 6.30pm, features de movie "The Other Side of Hope", by Aki Kaurismäki. This is the return of the most portuguese of the finnish directors, with a new movie from his port trilogy. "The Other Side of Hope" tells the story of an encountering between a syrian refugee and a poker player. At 11pm, we have "Certain Women", by Kelly Reichardt, telling the story of three women, meeting in three small american towns, showing the subtle imperfections of their existence.

Celebrating its 25 years of existence, Curtas decided to give Carte Blanche to 25 personalities, so they could choose their favorite movie seen at Curtas. In today's session we have choices by Daniel Ribas and Ricardo Alexandre, with the movies "Corpo e Meio", by Sandro Aguilar and "Bicicleta" by Luís Vieira Campos. To be seen at 9.45pm.

In the Stereo Section, the Atlantic Coast Orchestra is playing a live show, with a soundtrack by the composer Andrew E. Simpson, along with the movie "The General", by Buster Keaton. This comedy tells the story of Johnny Gray (Buster Keaton) during the chase of a group of spies that stole his train, The General, with his fiancé Annabell (Marion Mack) on board. The Atlantic Coast Orchestra was formed in 2015 and it's an inovating project that gathers some of the best young players, developing a musical project of high quality.

Still today, the exhibition "Terra", at Solar - Galeria de Arte Cinemática is inaugurated at 5pm, featuring works by Gabriel Abrantes (in cooperation with Ben Rivers), Priscila Fernandes, Pedro Neves Marques, Joana Pimenta, Lúcia Prancha, Francisco Queimadela and Mariana Caló.

Still today, you can see a session of the Panorama Europeu, featuring movies from Belgium, and three session of Short Matters, with some of the best shortcuts seen at european festival.

Finally, at 11pm, we'll have the opening party, at Café do Parque.

A retrospective of F. J. Ossang at the 25th Curtas Vila do Conde

28 June 2017
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F. J. Ossang will be In Focus at the 25th Curtas Vila do Conde- International Film Festival. The french filmmaker will be in Vila do Conde to introduce his complete filmography after winning, in 2009, the Experimental Competition of the festival.

F. J. Ossang it's a prolific artist: writer, editor, poet and musician, has on its resumé a collection of twenty books and a band, the MKB's (Messageros Killers Boys). His cinematographic activity has been scattered, but still essential to understand Ossang's artistic commitment, whose career has been defined by an eminently "punk" attitude, causing his artistic establishment. The author is In Focus at the 25th Curtas Vila do Conde, returning to the festival in which he previously participated with three shortcuts, being awarded at the Experimental Competition, in 2009, for Vladivostok.

After spending his childhood in the Cantal area, Ossang lived the 70's in Toulouse, a time heavily defined by editorial activity- the literary magazine Cée (1977-1979, co-edited with Christian Bourgois) and the publisher Céeditions, responsible for the publishing authors such has Stanislas Rodanski, Claude Pélieu or Robert Cordier. In the 80's he moves to Paris, studying at the prestigious IDHEC school, place where he directed two shortcuts and his first full-length movie.

His first work is defined, from the beginning, by various literary and political inspirations, like the situationists William S. Burroughs ou Louis-Ferdinand Céline. His band, the MKB's, is also the result of a fusion of punk and industrial music, self-naming his style as Noise'N'Roll. This mixture of influences transpires also in its' movies, filled with a particular style going from a post-apocalyptic world and science-fiction to get closer to punk and film noir. The silent film and expressionism also have a fundamental strength on its' work.

Because of its' idiosyncratic style, Ossang has an irregular career, beginning in the 80's and with long periods of filmic abstinence. Dharma Guns, from 2010, is the movie the precedes 9 Doigts, his most recent work, filmed in Portugal and that hasn't premiered yet. Curiously, the director has a close relationship with Portugal, where he previously filmed Le Tresor de Iles Chiennes (1990/1991), working with Portuguese actors such as Diogo Dória, José Wallenstein and Pedro Hestnes.

This complete retrospective at Curtas Vila do Conde will bring to light one of the most secretive contemporary filmmakers. F. J. Ossang will be at the festival to present his movies, bringing with him Elvire, muse and main actress in a lot of his movies.

The 25th Curtas Vila do Conde, from 8th to 16th of July, is supported by Câmara Municipal de Vila do Conde, Ministério da Cultura, Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual, programa MEDIA/Europa Criativa and many other partners, essential to the organization of the festival.

"Terra" exhibition opens on July 8th

26 June 2017
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The Solar Cinematic Art Gallery presents, between July 8 and September 17, "Terra" (translated from the Portuguese as “Earth” but also “land”, “ground” and “soil”), a collective exhibition of a new generation of Portuguese authors: Gabriel Abrantes (in collaboration with Ben Rivers), Priscila Fernandes, Pedro Neves Marques, Joana Pimenta, Lúcia Prancha, Francisco Queimadela and Mariana Caló. 

The theme under which the set of installations is shaped – besides the obvious connotation with environmental issues – refers essentially to the local immersion, in the hometown, of images of the world with close significance to the work of these artists. It reveals, conceptually, a transposition of scale, place and time, as well as a motivation to work either for the cinema black box setting, or for the art gallery space.

Opening simultaneously with the 25th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde IFF and remaining open until September, this collective exhibition includes six site-specific installations, whose starting point are films but that are not necessarily pursued as projections. First, each work was conceived resonating on the land of its origin, on where it was imagined, filmed and created. Secondly, it reflects on the lands where it travels and halts, for a few months at least; inhabiting a space with evidences of its own history from a far or rather recent past (such is the history of exhibitions of the gallery). Therefore, the installations proceed from specific points of the planet, often distant, to be revealed in a specific place where they reach complexion in the whole that forms the Earth (Terra), and contributing as single elements to a wider and multifaceted idea. Solar Cinematic Art Gallery exhibitions have always generated intersections and interactions with the Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival program. 

Due to inaugurating by the occasion of the festival opening, it indicates that the exhibition will take benefit of the greater flow of public for the festival, both national and international. This year, along with the great celebration of the 25th anniversary of Curtas Vila do Conde, Solar's exhibition explores an appealing theme, highlighting a new generation of Portuguese artists and filmmakers who have already achieved some national and international reputation.

Adapting the tale "The Hunchback of the One Thousand and One Nights", Gabriel Abrantes e Ben Rivers created a futurist dystopia, a movie that, in this exhibition, is presented as a video installation, in which an omnipresent company forces its employees to participate in emotional reintegration programs, simulating cinematographic periods and genres.

Priscila Fernandes introduces an unheard audio piece, especially produced for Solar, based on a medieval utopy of the Cocanha Country, a place where the food is abundant, the weather is mild and the work unnecessary. The artist transports the imaginary world to nowadays, at a city park, where a crowd walks around it, never finding the entrance.

Pedro Neves Marques presents a video installation, recently produced from images shot at the landscape transformed by the monoculture agriculture of Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil, and from questions taken from the director's diary: what kind of life are these transgenic seeds? And what does it mean to learn how to live with the enemy?

Joana Pimenta adapts her movie Um Campo de Aviação ( An Aviation Camp) to a video installation: "An aviation camp at an unknown suburb. A lake under the city burns the streets. The mountains throw rocks into the gardens. At the crater of a volcano, a model city is raised and dissolves. Two people meet at this place, separated by fifty years."

Lúcia Prancha takes part in this exhibition with an installation divided in three parts: posters from the movie "The True Sentimental Bitch", a series of sculptures and a video, with the title "SleepWorkers".

Lastly, Mariana Caló e Francisco Queimadela, attracted by the imaginary collective around the figure of the Iberian lynx, traveled around Serra da Malcata, knowing places that have witnessed the disappearance of this figure. The final result is Efeito Orla ( "Orla Effect" ), an installation composed by two synchronous and juxtaposed projections, trying to establish a constant relationship between verticality and gravity, sky and soil, micro and macro scales, inducting feelings that change between the need of contemplation and a state of alertness – an emergency feeling that they associated with the disappearance of the Iberian lynx.

Solar – Cinematic Art Gallery is a structure financed by Câmara Municipal de Vila do Conde, Ministério da Cultura and DGArtes – Direção-Geral das Artes.

08/07 - 17/09/2017 
Solar - Galeria de Arte Cinemática (Cinematic Art Gallery)

Gabriel Abrantes and Ben Rivers 
Priscila Fernandes
Pedro Neves Marques
Joana Pimenta
Lúcia Prancha
Mariana Caló and Francisco Queimadela

Hours: Mon. – Sun. 14:00 – 18:00
During 25th Curtas Vila do Conde (9-16 JUL): 14:00 – 23:00
Free entrance
Opening: Saturday, July 8th, 17:00

Mão Morta, Capitão Fausto, Pega Monstro, Evols, Chassol and Atlantic Coast Orchestra at the 25th Curtas Vila do Conde

4 June 2017
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Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival highlights, yet again, the crossing between cinema and music at the Stereo section, with concerts, film sessions and a music videos competition. In 2017, the festival hosts shows from Mão Morta, Capitão Fausto, Pega Monstro, Evols, Chassol and Atlantic Coast Orchestra.

In 8 july, the talented musicians Atlantic Coast Orchestra, directed by the maestro Luis Clemente, will interpret, live at Curtas Vila do Conde, a soundtrack written by the composer Andrew E. Simpson, for the classic silent film from Buster Keaton, The General (1926). The comedy accompanies Johnny Gray (Buster Keaton) during the pursuit of a band of spies that hijacked his train, The General , with his bride Annabelle (Marion Mack) on board. Created in 2015, the Atlantic Coast Orchestra is an innovative project that gathers some of the best young professional musicians, developing a musical activity with high artistic standards.


On 12 july, the french Chassol presents himself for the first time with a surprising audiovisual show where he is going to present one of his most recent projects, Big Sun. Pianist, composer, arranger and music producer, Christophe Chassol has been getting the attention of the critics and conquering the admiration of musics like Franck Ocean, Flying Lotus, Solange and Thundercat. On his works, Chassol intends to "harmonize what is real", scoring life, the world and everything he finds and relates, on a technique that he named "ultrascore". His compositions articulate voices, music, sounds, and images, transforming them in singular audiovisual objects. On stage, images and recordings are combined with music, sort of an improvise where nothing is standard but everything flows naturally. The concert at Curtas Vila do Conde will be a multisense show and an unique opportunity to witness the musical genius of the frenchmen.


Capitão Fausto, one of the most acclaimed bands of the year, bring to Curtas Vila do Conde, on 14 of july, the album Os Capitão Fausto têm os dias contados, on an unique and original concert. At this show, the rock band from Lisbon presents itself on a special format, playing songs like CorazónAmanhã Tou Melhor and Morro na Praia, while revisiting the moments that where on the creation of those songs through excerpts of the documentary Pontas Soltas. Directed by Ricardo Oliveira, the film, presented at Curtas Vila do Conde on a new version, follows the creative process and also the backtage of the recording of the third album of the group.

On the same year that mark the 25th anniversary of Mutantes S21Mão Morta go up on stage of the Teatro Municipal, on saturday 15 july, to a complete presentation of the mythic album. Adolfo Lúxuria Canibal band returns to the festival where it performed nine years ago, for a concert that celebrates the record that placed Mão Morta on the radar of the portuguese rock. This concert will revisit all the songs from Mutantes S21 and a selection of other works from the band. Using as a premiss the special edition of the album that in 1992 was launched with a comic book, Mão Morta have invited 15 portuguese illustrators - Alex Gozblau, André Coelho, André Covas, Ângela Vieira, António Gonçalves, Esgar Acelerado, João Lemos, João Maio Pinto, José Carlos Costa, Marco Mendes, Marco Moura, Miguel Ogoshi, Raquel Costa, Sebastião Peixoto and Tiago Manuel - to create a work that points to each of the record theme. Over those illustrations, João Martinho Moura, Digital Art artist, will create a visual work, performing live with the band.


The Auditório Municipal of Vila do Conde - place that hosted the first 18th editions of Curtas Vila do Conde and where the festival returns in 2017 to mark the 25th anniversary - receives the bands Evols (9 july) and Pega Monstro (10 july) to presentation concerts of their new albuns Evols III and A Casa de Cima, respectively.


The price for the tickets of these shows cost between 5 and 14 euros and are for sale at Teatro Municipal of Vila do Conde and on Bilheteira Online. The holders of the festival's Free Pass have free access, except for the the concerts of Mão Morta and Capitão Fausto, for which they have a 50% discount. This general pass, for sale exclusively at the Curtas Vila do Conde website for 35 euros, assures also the acces to all film sessions.


On the Stereo section there will be presented, on 13 july, Minute Bodies: The Intimate World of F. Percy Smith, directed by Stuart Staples, the frontman from Tindersticks, band the sold out two shows at Curtas Vila do Conde in 2015. This film is a tribute to the pioneer work of F. Percy Smith, inventor and filmmaker from the early 20th century that developed cinematographic capture technics of the nature secrets on action. Using found footage from F. Percy Smith himself and using the musical experience of Stuart, the film creates a silent narrative that opens room to new readings on the original work of the British documentarian. The feature film has an original soundtrack from Tindersticks, in collaboration with Thomas Belhom and Christine Ott.


The Music Video Competition will present once again a selection of the best portuguese music videos, innovative on the art of combining music and cinema. Always trying to keep up with the evolution of the genres and the filmmaking way, dedicated on the latest years exclusively to national production, has screening works from some of the artists that stand out  on the area, amonsgt them André Tentugal, Vasco Mendes, Paulo Furtado and Rodrigo Areias.


The 25th Curtas Vila do Conde, that runs between 8 and 16 of july, has the support of the MEDIA/Europa Criativa program, the Municipality of Vila do Conde, the Ministry of Culture, the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual and several other important partners to the organization of the festival.

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