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"The Mother and The Sea" in the theaters

22 May 2014
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After a remarkable journey in the international film festivals, "The Mother and The Sea", by Gonçalo Tocha, arrives for the first time to the Portuguese theaters.

In Lisbon, the documentary will be in exhibition at the Cinema City Alvalade from May 29. In Porto, the film will be presented at Passos Manuel in three sessions: on May 30, with the presence of the director, and on 8th and 9th of June, at 9:30 PM.

Distributed by Agência – Portuguese Short Film Agency, the film was produced by Curtas Metragens CRL in the Estaleiro project with the participation of a group of film students from Porto.

Presentation Party: 22º Curtas Vila do Conde

23 April 2014
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 The 22nd Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival will be a great Party! With Football at "Offside", an "Antonioni Adventure" and much of the best contemporary cinema.

This year, the festival heads to the capital for the first presentation party at IndieLisboa.

The festive appetizer will be on April 29, Tuesday, at 23h00, and will feature DJ sets from Nuno Lopes and Sergio Gomes.  Free Entrance

Dj Nuno Lopes

Born in Lisbon in 1978. Actor by profession, began his career as DJ in 2006. If initially it was just for fun, quickly began playing in his own name as Tha Lovely Bastards (with Mad.Mac) at various festivals and clubs throughout Portugal and in some European cities. His eclectic style is mainly characterized by a crossover between maximal and raw beats.

Sérgio Gomes (BREAKS lda./ MegaBass)

Founder of BREAKS lda. and member of the collective MegaBass, Sérgio Gomes has been for years one of the main promoters of new electronic music in Portugal.

Film-concert of "Bucking Broadway" at Matosinhos

11 March 2014
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On April, the Cine -Teatro Constantino Nery in Matosinhos receives the film-concert “Bucking Broadway" by John Ford, with an original soundtrack by Zelig, presented during the previous edition of Curtas Vila do Conde.


Reportedly lost, just like much of John Ford's silent films, "Bucking Broadway" is the legendary director's sixth film. It was restored and digitalized after being discovered by CNC (Cinematography French Centre) in 2002.


In the 21st edition of the Festival, the Portuguese band Zelig accepted the invitation to write and perform a new original soundtrack for the film.

Formed by Peixe (guitar) - former guitarist of Ornatos Violeta, Nico Tricot (flute, percussion and keyboards), Eduardo Silva (bass) - the bassist of Pluto, and José Marrucho (drums), Zelig develops original music for almost a decade.


John Ford is one of the most important filmmakers in the history of cinema and one of the major exponents of classical Hollywood cinema. His name is also synonym for westerns, the film genre that he devoted himself throughout his career.


In the cast of "Bucking Broadway" there are some of the major stars of the silent film era like Harry Carey, famous for his roles in Westerns. Carey plays the character of Cheyenne Harry, a cowboy from a ranch in Wyoming in love with the boss's daughter, who decides to leave for New York with Captain Thornton, a millionaire visiting the ranch. But quickly the young girl discovers that life in the city isn't what she longed for. The broken-hearted Cheyenne sets out to search for his loved one, freeing her from Captain Thornton's claws and from the big metropolis' extravagant and decayed way of life.

"In the Fog" released on DVD

23 January 2014
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“In The Fog ", the opening film of 20th Curtas Vila do Conde, is from today available on a DVD edition, edited by Alambique Filmes.

The short film, by Sergei Loznitsa, takes place in 1942 in the Western Border of the USSR. The region is under German occupation and the locals try to resist at all costs. Sushenya, an employee of the railways, is accused of treason and is carried by his comrades to the woods to be killed. But when they all fall into an ambush, the line between betrayal and heroism disappears and Sushenya is forced to make a moral choice.


Sergei Loznitsa has been a constant presence in Curtas Vila do Conde where he presented about a dozen films, including "The Miracle of Saint Anthony ", a Cutras Metragens CRL production filmed for the 20th birthday of the Festival.

The film, acclaimed by the critic, was in competition at Cannes Film Festival, where it received the FIPRESCI Award, and in the Odessa International Film Festival, which awarded the short film with The Best Film Award. 

Estaleiro production in 64th Berlinale

21 January 2014
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The short film "Fernando who received a Bird from the Sea", by Felipe Bragança and Helvécio Marins Jr. , was selected for the Berlinale, the International Film Festival of Berlin , held 6-16 February in Germany .

The film will be screened at the 9th edition of the Forum Expanded, a parallel section to the Festival which this year has the theme the question " What do we know when we know where something is? ". This section of the festival starts on February 5  and  will present about 50 works from 20 countries around the world .

Nuno Rodrigues , co-director Curtas Vila do Conde and the producer of the film, will join the jury of the Festival , which awards a Golden and a Silver Bear, the DAAD Short Film Prize as well as the Berlin Short Film Nominee for the European Film Awards.

"Fernando who received a Bird from the Sea" is a little Portuguese-Brazilian song. Fernando spends his time between a cafe in the neighbourhood and his small house in Porto. Coming from Brazil he receives a small present that makes him imagine paradise.

The story is inspired by one of the characters from the last job of Helvécio Marins , "The Song of the Nightingale", filmed in 2012 in the north of Portugal . "The character of Fernando drew attention because he almost didn’t spoke or interacted.  He was always looking to the horizon ... We started to dream about the possibility of the man imagining other lives. At certain time, Fernando spoke of travel, and that he have been gone to other places and has finally come back to Portugal. That idea of this trip took us to this desire to develop a dialogue between what would be this imaginary Portugal and Brazil ", says Felipe Bragança .

The film, produced by Curtas Metragens CRL in the Estaleiro project, involved a team of film students from Portugal and Brazil. The world premiere of the short film took place in the latest edition of Curtas Vila do Conde, in 2013.

Top + 2013

17 January 2014
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At the end of another year of great films, two directors of Curtas Vila do Conde show their TOP + of 2013.

Miguel Dias
-Shot Films-
1 Les 3 desastres, Jean-Luc Godard
2 Shadow Of a Cloud, Radu Jude
3 Mille Soleils, Mati Diop
4 Gambozinos, João Nicolau
5 Buenos dias resistencia, Adrian Orr
6 Mahjong, JP Rodrigues / JR Guerra da Mata
7 Redemption, Miguel Gomes
8 Tokyo Giants, Nicolas Provost
9 The Mass Of Men, Gabriel Gauchet
10 Subconscious Password, Chris Landreth

-Feature Films
1 Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino
2 Frances Ha, Noah Baumbach
3 Spring Breakers, Harmony Korine
4 Antes da Meia Noite, Richard Linklater
5 China - Um Toque de Pecado, Jia Zhangkhe
6 A Vida de Adéle Capítulos 1 e 2, Abdellatif Kechiche
7 Blue Jasmine, Woody Allen
8 Leviathan, Lucien Castaing-Taylor, Véréna Paravel
9 Argo, Ben Affleck
10 Inside Llewyn Davis, Joel & Ethan Coen

Nuno Rodrigues
-Short Films-
1. Cut, Christoph Girardet/ Matthias Mueller
2. Shawdow of a cloud, Radu Jude
3. Tokyo Giants, Nicolas Provost
4. Redemption, Miguel Gomes
5. Toxic camera, Jane Wilson/Louise Wilson
6. Gambozinos, João Nicolau
7. O lamento da vida jovem (Centro Histórico), Pedro Costa
8. Montaña en sombra, Lois Patino
9. Buenos dias resistencia, Adrian Orr
10. Mahjong, João Pedro Rodrigues/João Rui Guerra da Mata

-Feature Films-
1. Django Libertado, Quentin Tarantino
2. Stemple pass, James Benning
3. E agora lembra-me, Joaquim Pinto
4. Shirley- Visions of reality, Gustav Deutsch
5. A última vez que vi Macau, João Pedro Rodrigues/João Rui Guerra da Mata
6. Museum hours, Jem Cohen
7. Stray Dogs, Tsai Ming Liang
8. Bling ring , o gang de Hollywood, Sofia Coppola
9. Terra de ninguém, Salomé Lamas
10. Stop the pounding heart, Roberto Minervini 

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