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July 9 : Day Highlights

9 July 2013
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On this Tuesday, the festival is filled with competitive sessions: international, Portuguese and Take One! are screened during the day. But the highlight belongs to the film-concert with two films by Paulo Abreu: first with Vítor Rua and then with the duo Rita Redshoes and The Legendary Tigerman (who thus return to Curtas!). Also on Tuesday, begins the Meetings With Directos.

The film-concert is the center of the Festival night (00:00, Room 1). Paulo Abreu directed two silent films in 2012, for which were composed original soundtracks. This is the sound that is now presented live, first with Vítor Rua and immediately afterwards with Rita Redshoes and The Legendary Tigerman. Both have provided memorable evenings and the least expected is a great concert!

However, the night of Tuesday presents the premiere of the Portuguese Competition (21:00, Room 1), with films by Paul D'Alva, Sérgio Ribeiro, Filipa César and Ivo M. Ferreira. The history of last year Portuguese cinema begins to be written. Soon after, the International Competition (22:30, Room 1) continues with the second session of films (among which are the new short-films by Betrand Mandico and Yann Gonzalez, both already winners in previous editions).

During the morning and afternoon, continues the European Panorama (dedicated to Romania, 11:00, Room Two) and the second and final session of the Take One! Competition (18:30, Room Two). At 16:00, the Curtas Lounge receives Gonçalo Tocha, João Pedro Rodrigues, João Rui Guerra da Mata, Felipe Bragança and André Tentúgal to talk about the experience of Estaleiro films.

Book "Pure Cinema" for Sale at Festival Store

8 July 2013
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The book "Pure Cinema: Curtas Vila do Conde 20 Years After" is for sale at the Festival Store with a special discount of 25%, costing 15 Euros during the 21st Curtas Vila do Conde. The book was published to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Festival and includes over two dozen interviews and conversations with authors who have been at Vila do Conde.

This book celebrates the 20th Curtas Vila do Conde – International Film Festival, through a reflection on cinema, from twenty interviews and talks with twenty-six authors who have been in the festival. It intends to be, therefore, a document that discusses the changes and trends in contemporary cinema in its various mutations, calling into question the very definition of what cinema is. The result of this analysis also helps to clarify the identity of Curtas Vila do Conde in the last two decades while film festival contaminated by other art forms. The book is complemented by personal reflections on the festival by film critic Augusto M. Seabra and by American filmmaker Mike Hoolboom; finally, there is a critical history of the festival.

Interviews included: Manoel de Oliveira, Alexander Sokurov, Luc Moullet, Kenneth Anger, Ken Jacobs, Peter Tscherkassky, Gus Van Sant, Jon Jost, Mikhäil Kobakhidzé, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Thom Andersen, Matthias Müller & Christoph Girardet, João Pedro Rodrigues, João Canijo, Sergei Loznitsa, Corneliu Porumboiu, José Miguel Ribeiro, Paulo Furtado, Helvécio Marins Jr., Yann Gonzalez, Louis Garrel, Bertrand Mandico & Elina Löwensohn, Basil da Cunha.

July 8 : Day Highlights

8 July 2013
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On the third day of Curtas 2013, the Festival kicks off in strength with the International Competition (in Room 1). The Portuguese Panorama is still taking place and begins the Take One! Competition and the European Panorama. The Municipal Theatre also will see the first concert of the week (White Haus) and the second session with Estaleiro films.

The main highlight of the day is the premiere of new the Estaleiro films. After Gonçalo Tocha, it's time to present three new projects (21:00, Room 1): Mahjong, by João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata (about Varziela, a Chinatown in Vila do Conde); Helvécio Marins Jr . and Felipe Bragança (about a Portuguese who receives a bird from Brazil and imagines the paradise), and André Tentúgal (a fiction about the lost memory of a woman). Also in highlight, the Festival presents a concert - with inspiration from the 70’s New York – by White Haus (00:00, Room 1), a new project of João Vieira (X-Wife).

At night, the International Competition (22:30, Room 1) starts with the first competitive session and the second session of the Portuguese Panorama is screened (21:45, Room 2), with films by Sandro Aguilar, Bruno de Almeida and André Gil Mata. However, the Festival day begins at 11:00 with the first session of the European Panorama: today dedicated to Lithuania. Still at the afternoon, it is presented the first school short films, in the Take One! Competition (18:30, Room 2). 

July 7 : Day Highlights

7 July 2013
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On the second day of Curtas Vila do Conde, the highlights divide between Curtinhas (with films for kids), the beginning of Take One! (student films), new session From Shorts to Features (with a film by Antonin Peretjatko), a special session and the first session of the Portuguese Panorama. Finally, the Festival promotes the world premiere of the new Estaleiro film: today with the new feature film by Gonçalo Tocha.

At 11 am, a session is screened for Ages 3 at Curtinhas Competition. Also at 15:30 the session is screened for Ages 6. Many good films to delight the kids. Also during the afternoon, is screened, in world premiere, the documentary "The Story of An Error", by Joana Barros (17:00, Room 1), a project that investigates the "doença dos pezinhos" which has particular focus in the area of Caxinas in Vila do Conde. At night, the first session of the Portuguese Panorama (21:45, Room 2), with films by André Santos / Marco Leão, João Lopes and Ico Costa.

The evening sessions with feature film screen two very different films. In section From Shorts to Features (22:45, Room 1), in national premiere, it shows "La fille du 14 juillet", by French filmmaker Antonin Peretjatko, an amusing comedy about French nationalism. By early evening, Gonçalo Tocha presents, in world premiere, one of the new Estaleiro films: "The Mother and the Sea", which the filmmaker shot in the beaches of Vila Cha, watching the last fisherwomen.

The Take One! today introduces two panorama sessions: ESMAE (15:00, Room 2) and Catholic University (17:00, Room 2). Also at the night ends with a session of VideoRun Restart with the presentation of all the films (23:30, Room 2).

July 6: Day Highlights

6 July 2013
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Welcome to the 21st Curtas Vila do Conde! On the first day of the festival, we start our programme with Curtinhas (a mini-festival for kids) and two screenings of feature films in the evening: "In The Fog", by Sergei Loznita (Official Opening) and "Passion", by Brian de Palma.

The evening promises to be exciting with two feature films in national première. In the first case, also part of the Official Opening session (21:00, Room 1), it will be screened the second feature film by Sergei Loznitsa, author of the Festival (he directed a film commissioned to the 20 years of Curtas). "In The Fog" is a foray into the history of the filmmaker (the Nazi invasion in the USSR) and goes back to work the Soviet latent violence. The film was awarded at Cannes and is a major work of contemporary European cinema. Immediately afterwards (23:30, Room 1), it is presented - also in national première - the new film by Brian De Palma, "Passion", a return to form for the author with a corporate thriller starring Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace.

During the afternoon, there will be screened two Curtinhas sessions: the first session for "Parents and Children" (15:30) and immediately after (17:00) a session to M9. These short animated films are an excellent gateway to cinema. The little ones will love!

See all programme in our AGENDA.

Meetings with Directors - Curtas 2013

3 July 2013
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Continuing an evente started in 2012, Curtas Vila do Conde promotes daily encounters with Portuguese directors. These debates directors who have films at the Portuguese competition or at Estaleiro sessions are a opportunity to discuss the films with the Festival’s audience. This activity is promoted by Agência – Portuguese Short Film Agency.

Meetings Calendar:

-Tuesday, 9 – 16:00: Gonçalo Tocha, João Pedro Rodrigues, João Rui Guerra da Mata, Felipe Bragança e André Tentúgal.
-Wednesday, 10 – 16:00: Paulo d’Alva, Sérgio Ribeiro, Filipa César, Tiago Rosa-Rosso e Ivo M. Ferreira.
-Thursday, 11 – 16:00: André Guiomar, Pedro Caeiro, David Bonneville e André Marques.
-Friday, 12 – 16:00: João Viana, João Pedro Rodrigues, Pedro Bastos e João Nicolau.
-Saturday, 13 – 16:30: Jorge Quintela, Carlos Conceição, Telmo Churro e Carlos Amaral.

These meetings take place at the Lounge Curtas, Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde.  

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