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Pedro Costa selected for Festivals

27 October 2011
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The main prize in the Portuguese Competition of Curtas 2011, "O Nosso Homem" ("Our Man"), by Pedro Costa, was selected for two international festivals.

In the end of this week, the film will be screened at DocLisboa (28 and 29 October), in Riscos' section. The film will also be screened at Curtas Cinema - in a program curated by Curtas Vila do Conde - and that starts today (27th October) - at Rio de Janeiro.

+info at DocLisboa e Curta Cinema.

Portuguese cinema at Brazil

19 October 2011
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Curta Cinema – International Short Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most important festivals dedicated to short films, curated an extensive retrospective of Portuguese films, called FOCUS ON PORTUGAL. The Festival will take place from 28 October to 6 November. Curtas Vila do Conde is on of the entities associated to this retrospective, which has been curated by Agência - Portuguese Short Film Agency. Moreover, one of Curtas' directors - Dario Oliveira - will be a member of the jury at the Festival's competition.

Within this extensive program, Agência in collaboration with Curta Cinema, Curtas Vila do Conde, IndieLisboa and Onda Curta RTP, scheduled a series of five sessions. In addition, Curta Cinema invited the filmmaker Miguel Gomes to be the director IN FOCUS and the production company O Som e a Fúria for a special presentation, also in collaboration with the Agência.

The chosen films for Curtas Vila do Conde's session are a selection of the best of Portuguese cinema which has been screened at the Festival in the past years, joining consecrated directors (Pedro Costa), emerging (João Nicolau and Basil da Cunha) and recent revelations (Bernardo Nascimento).

Rapace, João Nicolau, 25'
North Atlantic, Bernardo Nascimento,15'
Nuvem, Basil da Cunha, 30'
O nosso homem, Pedro Costa, 24'

Remains, Sandro Aguilar 12'
Voodoo, Sandro Aguilar, 30' - 35mm
Sem movimento, Sandro Aguilar, 17' - 35mm
Cântico das criaturas, Miguel Gomes, 24' - 35mm

Entretanto, 25' - 35mm
Kalkitos, 17' - 35mm
Inventário de natal, 23' - 35mm
31, 27' - 35mm

The External World nominated for Cartoon D'Or

7 September 2011
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Candidates were announced for Cartoon D'Or 2011 - Best European animated short film. Among the nominees are some films that were shown in Curtas Vila do Conde. "The External World", by David O'Reilly, screened in the international competition of Curtas 2011 is one of them. "Mobile", by Verena Fels, and "The Gruffalo", by Jakob Schuh & Max Lang, are also competing for the prize, which will be given Sept. 15, in Poland.

This award is one of the most prestigious international awards for animation and has already awarded authors such as Nick Park, Virgil Widrich or David O'Reilly. Abi Feijó received an honorable mention for the film "Os Salteadores" in 1994 and José Miguel Ribeiro even received the top prize for "A Suspeita" in 2000, signaling the high quality of Portuguese animation.

+info at:

Curtas 2011 - Top Ten

19 July 2011
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Top Ten from the Audience Award, at Curtas 2011.

1. Apele Tac 4.28
2. Petit Tailleur 4.14
3. North Atlantic 4.08
4. Las Palmas 4.00
5. The External World 3.89
6. Killing the chikens to scare the monkeys 3.88
7. Scenes from the suburbs 3.81
8. Maybe 3.75
9. O Sapateiro 3.74

Curtas 2011 - Making of

19 July 2011
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Photos of the Day - 16Jul

17 July 2011
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In the closing session, Curtas 2011 had several international guests!

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