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Curtas 2021: Portuguese Competition

6 July 2021
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A total of 236 films are part of the 2021 edition of Curtas Vila do Conde, which will take place between July 16th and 25th, and suggests a transversal look at world cinema, in a program where films dilate the time, expanding temporalities and decline chronologies and ephemeris.

17 films are part of the festival's Portuguese Competition, creating a route through Portuguese contemporary cinema: collective traditions and individual stories, rurality and its landscapes, family and intimacy, with the social tensions implied and approaches that challenge any normative or gender constraints. Works by directors who return to Curtas will be present, such as Ana Moreira, Ico Costa, Leonor Noivo, Eduardo Brito or Paulo Patrício; and others who have already achieved a certain notoriety, such as Paolo Marinou-Blanco or Filipe Melo, in addition to the new discoveries of the section.


EMPTY HANDS by Paolo Marinou-Blanco · Portugal · 2021 · FIC · 15’

MIRAFLORES by Rodrigo Braz Teixeira · Portugal · 2021 · FIC · 18’

DAWN by Leonor Noivo · Portugal · 2021 · FIC/DOC · 28’

ARMAZÓNIA by Francisco Moura Relvas · Portugal · 2021 · FIC · 11’

CASSANDRA BITTER TONGUE by Ana Moreira · Portugal · 2021 · FIC · 20’

LONE WOLF by Filipe Melo · Portugal · 2021 · FIC · 22’

YOUR NAME IS by Paulo Patrício · Portugal/Belgium · 2021 · DOC/ANI · 24’

SKIN RIVER by Mário Macedo · Portugal · 2021 · FIC · 19’

CARTE BLANCHE by António-Pedro · Portugal · 2021 · DOC · 24’

OSO by Bruno Lourenço · Portugal · 2021 · FIC · 29’

THE HOUSE IN THE NORTH, by Inês Lima · Portugal · 2021 · DOC/EXP · 9’

LETHES, by Eduardo Brito · Portugal · 2021 · FIC · 16’

MATILDE LOOKS BACK, by Ana Mariz · Portugal · 2021 · FIC · 21’

NHA SUNHU, by José Magro · Portugal · 2021 · FIC · 20’

TIMKAT, by Ico Costa · Portugal · 2021 · DOC · 13’

IF WHAT I HEAR IS SILENCE, by Rosa Vale Cardoso · Portugal/Greece · 2020 · FIC · 22’

SORTES, by Mónica Martins Nunes · Portugal/Germany · 2021 · DOC · 39’

Curtas 2021: Oscar Qualifying Film Festival List

5 July 2021
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Curtas Vila do Conde is part of the OSCAR® Qualifying Film Festival List festivals.

The Academy of Motion Picture, Arts, and Sciences, responsible for the OSCAR® ceremonies, decided that Curtas Vila do Conde is part of this list and that, as of this 2021 edition, the Grand Prix of the International Competition and the Award for Best Film in the Portuguese Competition are eligible for consideration in the Academy Awards® Best Animation/Fiction (Live Action) categories, thus eliminating the need to be presented on a commercial circuit in the US, and according to the regulations.

Curtas 2021: Stereo and Music Videos

24 June 2021
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Curtas Vila do Conde is once again focusing on spaces where the seventh art and music come together, with the sections Stereo and the Music Videos Competition.

Lined up for this year's Stereo section are the performances of Spanish harpist Angélica Salvi, who will set the film Shoes by Louis Weber to music, and the collective led by Yaw Tembe, Chão Maior, who takes to the stage of Vila do Conde Municipal Theater in one of the rare presentations live from his latest work and, in collaboration, with the director Igor Dimitri
The Stereo program is completed with another awaited edition of the Music Videos Competition, which this year includes 14 titles.

ANTÓNIO ZAMBUJO - LOTE B · Pedro Serrazina · Portugal  · 2021 · 3’
BRUNO PERNADAS - THEME VISION · Jep Jorba, Bruno Pernadas · Portugal · 2020 · 6’
MOULLINEX - RUNNING IN THE DARK FT. GPU PANIC · Bruno Ferreira · Portugal · 2020 · 3’
GHETTHOVEN - MAGIC · Vasco Mendes, Igor Ribeiro · Portugal · 2021 · 4’
DAVID E MIGUEL - INATEL · Francisco Lobo · Portugal · 2021 · 3’
PZ - INCOMPATIBILIDADES · Alexandre Azinheira · Portugal · 2021 · 3’
LUTA LIVRE - ESCRAVO DO PATRÃO · Cristina Viana · Portugal · 2020 · 4’
PEDRO AUGUSTO - CINCO · Rafael Gonçalves · Portugal · 2020 · 2’
STEREOBOY X YIPMAN · Luís Sobreiro · Portugal · 2021 · 9’
LUCRECIA DALT - DISUELTA · Pedro Maia · Alemanha · 2020 · 3’
CHÃO MAIOR - PASSO 2 · Igor Dimitri · Portugal · 2021 · 4’
FUGLY - STAY IN BED · Hugo Amaral · Portugal · 2020 · 3’
SEREIAS - FP25 · Francisco Laranjeira · Portugal · 2021 · 4’
VAIAPRAIA - FOGO FERA · Eloísa Micaelo · Portugal · 2020 · 2’

Curtas 2021: From Shorts to Features

24 June 2021
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The most recent films by Helvécio Marins Jr. and Sérgio Borges, Quentin Dupieux, Maureen Fazendeiro and Miguel Gomes will participate in the non-competitive section "From Shorts to Features" at Curtas 2021.

Vila do Conde will be the first passage in Portugal for one of the most awaited new Portuguese films, The Tsugua Diaries, by Maureen Fazendeiro and Miguel Gomes, shot last August on a property in Sintra already in the pandemic context and with the world premiere at the Fortnight of the Cannes Filmmakers.

This will be the return of the director of Our Beloved Month of August (2008) and Arabian Nights (20015), in the From Shorts to Features section, which will also feature the portuguese premiere of the new film by Brazilian Helvécio Marins Jr. Strive, Strive, Strive, co-directed with Sérgio Borges, tells  the history of Atlético Mineiro Club, from its foundation to the title won in 2014, accompanying one of the most effervescent and faithful fans in Canarinho football.

The director Quentin Dupieux (also known for his musical Mr. Oizo), one of the most unique French filmmakers today, also returns to Curtas after being the In Focus Director on the 2015 edition of the festival. In Mandibles he once again tests the limits of humor and the absurd. The film will have a commercial premiere in our country next September.

From Shorts to Features is a space dedicated to directors who have already participated in Curtas Vila do Conde and where they present their new projects, in a national premiere.

InFocus 2021: Lynne Ramsay

17 June 2021
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As in 2020, Curtas de Vila do Conde reaffirms its commitment to a hybrid format that combines screenings in theaters in various locations across the country and VoD exhibitions, thus allowing it to broaden its audience nationally and internationally. Intense, poetic, vibrant, restless, haunting: these are some of the possible adjectives for the cinema of Lynne Ramsay, one of the most relevant names in contemporary cinema, owner of a truly unique and original work.

With a filmography that is still not extensive, each film by this Glasgow-born director is an unforgettable wonder, full of moments and images that echo in time and remain memorable.
Like many directors who participate in the festival, Ramsay began her career in short films, having distinguished herself early on: in 1996 her first short film, Small Deaths, was awarded at the Cannes Festival with the Jury Award, the same given, in 1998, to Gasman; and in 2000 she received the Clermont-Ferrand Jury Prize for Kill the Day, her third work. The three works will be included in the special program that Curtas dedicates to her, alongside the four feature films, within the framework of the cult.

In addition to the unforgettable We Need to Talk About Kevin – a film that marked a generation and a jewel in Ramsay's crown –, the festival will feature features Ratcatcher, You Were Never Really Here and Morvern Callar.

By telling stories of dense characters and themes such as death, trauma and the relationship with grief, her films sign the particular vision with which Ramsay approaches cinema and her restless search for non-repetition and reinvention. of their own language.

Curtas 2021: Experimental Competition

17 June 2021
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The Experimental Competition of the 29th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde is closed, with 20 titles from 16 countries.

Baki Tadu É, Kate Saragaço-Gomes, Calum MacBeath Morgan, India/Denmark/Portugal, 2021, DOC, 13'
Berlin Feuer, Pedro Maia, Portugal/Germany, 2021, EXP, 6'
Black Beauty, Grace Ndiritu, United Kingdom/Belgium/Spain, 2021, FIC, 30'
Citadel, John Smith, United Kingdom, 2020, EXP, 16'
Depth Wish, Margarida Albino, Portugal, 2021, EXP, 12'
Dissolution Prologue (Extended Version), Siegfried Fruhauf, Austria, 2020, EXP, 6'
Earthearthearth, Daïchi Saïto, Canada, 2021, EXP, 30'
Emtza'i Meuchar (Belated Measures), Nir Evron, Israel, 2020, DOC, 35'
Flowers Blooming In Our Throats, Eva Giolo, Belgium/Italy, 2020, EXP, 9'
Glimpses From A Visit To Orkney In Summer 1995, Ute Aurand, United Kingdom/Germany, 2020, EXP, 5'
Inside The Outset, Evoking A Space Of Passage, Rosa Barba, Cyprus/Germany/Italy, 2021, DOC, 31'
Misty Picture, Christoph Girardet, Matthias Müller, Germany, 2021, EXP, 17'
Of This Beguiling Membrane, Charlotte Pryce, USA, 2020, EXP, 5'
Purkyně's Dusk, Helena Gouveia Monteiro, Ireland/France, 2021, EXP, 9'
Sunrise, Lúcia Prancha, Portugal, 2021, EXP, 18'
Surviving You, Always, Morgan Quaintance, United Kingdom, 2020, DOC, 18'
The Detection Of Faint Companions, Sandro Aguilar, Portugal, 2021, EXP, 9'
Train Again, Peter Tscherkassky, Austria, 2021, EXP, 20'
When Light Is Displaced, Zaina Bseiso, Palestine/USA, 2021, DOC, 7'
Who Is Afraid Of Ideology ? Part III Micro Resistencias, Marwa Arsanios, Germany, 2020, DOC, 31'

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