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Solar inaugurates exhibition "O Caso Caligari"

26 June 2019
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Caso Caligari is the title of the exhibition that will mark, in Vila do Conde, the centenary of one of the milestones of German expressionist cinema:  The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, by Robert Wiene.

 The exhibition will include unpublished works by Daniel Blaufuks, Eduardo Brito, Reiner Kohlberger and Jonathan Uliel Saldanha created for Solar - Galeria de Arte Cinemática. Each invited artist will present a work whose source, inspiration, resonance or reference is the film of Wiene, from its pre- and post-history, to the production or criticism, including the biographies of its creators and the materiality of its support. Opened on Saturday, July 6, 2019, at 7pm, Caso Caligari aims to celebrate the film through contemporary artistic creation between the cinematic image and the expanded cinema, thus reflecting on the cinematic visions that can still be created from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

The challenge launched by the organization to the four artists was to create a proposal that would combine an approach to Wiener's cinematographic work and the very peculiar space of the gallery. Daniel Blaufuks, a visual artist who works in photography, video and cinema, was part of the Portuguese Competition of Curtas twice and Solar's programming with the exhibition Viagens com a minha tia in 2009. For this exhibition, he proposes a long-lasting video essay, From Caligari to Jud Süss, where he contrasts the film honoured with Jud Süss, a work born of the very effective National Socialist propaganda machine. Eduardo Brito has been part of the Portuguese Competition of Curtas three times and is represented by Agencia with the films "Penúmbria", from 2016, and "Declive", from 2018, having also collaborated in several projects of Curtas Metragens CRL. In July, in Vila do Conde, he presents a video installation on three channels: Curiosities of the Cabinet (each story is always a remake of another story). Reiner Kohlberger, German artist, performer and director, has been participating regularly in the Experimental Competition and will integrate, this year, the Stereo programming with the Brainbows performance. In Caso Caligari he will show DDDM, which works on the limits of technological paraphernalia, video and sound, and, at the same time, those of perception, physical, intellectual and emotional reaction of the spectator. Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, musician, composer and artist, was part of the Stereo do Curtas program in 2018, with a show resulting from an artistic residency with the American Moor Mother, in addition to the performance at Solar, parallel to the exhibition Ruins/Rites/Runes integrated in the exhibition of Ben Rivers and Ben Russell, in 2015. At Solar presents a new formula of Anoxia, a work that works with sound and video image in double projection. 

The exhibition will also feature a parallel programme developed in partnership with the 27 Curtas Vila do Conde, including a round table discussion on cinema expressionism and the emergence of this movement in its time, with the participation of Abílio Hernandez Cardoso, retired professor of English literature and film history and aesthetics; António Roma Torres, film critic, psychiatrist and author of literary works on cinema and theatre plays; and Nuno Faria, professor, curator, artistic director of the Museu da Cidade do Porto. The conversation will be moderated by Daniel Ribas, researcher, programmer and film critic. A film-concert will complement the parallel activities, with the premiere of an original soundtrack commissioned by the composer-interpreter, Tiago Cutileiro and cellist Marta Navarro. It will also be possible to see the exhibition on a guided tour with the presence of most of the artists with works on display, on Wednesday, July 10, 2019, starting at 4pm.

Full program of 27º Curtas

19 June 2019
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The programming for the 27th edition of Curtas is closed. The festival will return to Vila do Conde with a selection of more than 250 films of recent production that aim to be a space for discovery, reunion and dissemination to new and renowned authors.

In 2019, Portuguese cinema once again occupies the prime time of the festival. Sixteen films premiered in the portuguese competition, five films that marked the panorama of the last year and sixteen school films will give a transversal and trans-generational look to the cinema that is currently being made in Portugal. The non-competitive sessions will also include the preview of the first episodes of the series by Marco Leão and André Santos, "Luz Vermelha"; the premiere of "Mutantes S. 21 - 25 anos depois", a documentary on the historical Mão Morta, as well as special sessions with cinema by Manoel de Oliveira and João César Monteiro.
A major section of the festival, the Portuguese Short Film Competition summarizes the uniqueness of a new generation of Portuguese directors, from the names that have been recognized at international festivals, Gabriel Abrantes, Diogo Costa Amarante, Diogo Baldaia or Sofia Bost, to the new values whose films anticipate a future that we want to accompany, Maureen Fazendeiro, Alex Siqueira and Laura Carreira. And because the festival also continues, Mariana Gaivão, André Marques, Paulo Furtado and Pedro Neves return to Vila do Conde this year. The selection for the National Competition is completed with the most recent works by Rui Esperança, Vasco Saltão, Miguel Afonso, Francisco Valente and Márcio Laranjeira & Sérgio Brás d'Almeida. These sessions will be followed by a conversation with the directors.
And because looking back at the now of portuguese cinema is also to understand in retrospect, Curtas is a selection of films that, through history, awards or international career, have stood out in the recent production of Portugal. In July, it will be possible to see, in Vila do Conde, the most recent works by Susana de Sousa Dias ("Fordlândia Malaise", premiered at the Berlinale), Jorge Jácome (Past Perfect, premiered at the Berlinale and awarded at IndieLisboa and the Hamburg Short Film Festival), Catarina Mourão (O mar Enrola na Areia, selected for Visions du Réel, É tudo verdade and Oberhausen), Sílvia das Fadas (A Casa, a Verdadeira and a Seguinte, Ainda Está Fazer, awarded at IndieLisboa) and Helena Estrela (Bela Mandil, selected for Viennale).
Portuguese cinema will also mark the special sessions and different programmatic segments of the festival. Already announced were the focus on the work of Carlos Conceição, the special sessions dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the death of José Régio and the centenary of the birth of Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen. Marking the first weekend of Curtas, the premiere of the documentary that marks the fourth century of Mutantes S. 21- 25 anos depois, one of the most emblematic records of Mão Morta. The session will be accompanied by a conversation with the band moderated by Valter Hugo Mãe. In the section From Short to Long, preview of the first two episodes of the first series of the duo Marco Leão and André Santos, Luz Vermelha, inspired by the history of the "Mães de Bragança" and with performances by, among others, Margarida Vila-Nova, Afonso Pimentel, Joaquim Monchique and Sara Norte.
The portuguese selection of Curtas also includes a space dedicated to school cinema, Take One!, with a heterogeneous selection of works produced by Portuguese students in portuguese and foreign schools; a carte blanche to João Nicolau as part of the celebration of his 20th anniversary of the Short Film Agency; and a space dedicated to music videos that demonstrate a particular relationship with the cinematic language. In this edition, among others, the musical videos of Bruno Ferreira (for Everybody, by Sinkane), Pedro Maia (for Paplu (Love That Moves The Sun), by Vessel) will compete, of the trio André Carrilho + Rui Clara Gomes + Mantraste (for Balança, by Throes + The Shine), Diogo Tudela (for Swisid Mekanize Rejiman, by HHY & The Macumbas) and Leonor Teles (for Chavitas, by Sensible Soccers).
The 27th Curtas, which will return between 6 and 14 July, will also include an international competition with works from different hemispheres, an experimental competition and a kids' section with cinema and workshops designed for children, young people and families. In focus will also be the works of Todd Solondz and Carlos Conceição, as well as the restored cinema, in what is the new section of Revisited Cinema. In Vila do Conde it will also be possible to see the films-concert of Thurston Moore, The Heliocentrics and Montanhas Azuis.

The complete programme of sessions, parties and parallel activities can be consulted on the event's website.


18, Rui Esperança, Portugal, 2019, DOC, 25'
A Fábrica, Pedro Neves, Portugal, 2019, DOC, 29'
Amor Quântico, Paulo Furtado, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 11'
Ave Rara,Vasco Saltão, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 34'
Cenas de Uma Vida Amorosa, Miguel Afonso, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 13'
Colmeal, Márcio Laranjeira & Sérgio Brás d'Almeida, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 15'
Destiny Deluxe, Diogo Baldaia, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 30'
Dia de Festa, Sofia Bost, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 17'
Les Extraordinaires Mésaventures De La Jeune Fille De Pierre, Gabriel Abrantes, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 20'
Lisboa, 2018, Francisco Valente, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 20'
Não Procures Mais Além, André Marques, Portugal, France, Haiti, 2019, FIC, 25'
O Verde do Jardim, Diogo Costa Amarante, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 27'
Purpleboy, Alex Siqueira, Portugal, France, 2019, ANI, 14'
Red Hill, Laura Carreira, UK, 2018, FIC, 13'
Ruby, Mariana Gaivão, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 25'
Sol Negro, Maureen Fazendeiro, Portugal, 2019, EXP, 6'


A Casa, a Verdadeira e a Seguinte, Ainda Está por Fazer, Sílvia das Fadas, Portugal/USA/Austria, 2018, DOC/EXP, 35'
Bela Mandil, Helena Estrela, Portugal, 2018, FIC, 18'
Fordlândia Malaise, Susana de Sousa Dias, Portugal, 2019, DOC, 40'
O Mar Enrola na Areia, Catarina Mourão, Portugal, 2019, DOC/FIC, 16'
Past Perfect, Jorge Jácome, Portugal, 2019, DOC/FIC/EXP, 23'
A Morte De Léaud, Ricardo Pinto de Magalhães, Portugal, 2019, DOC, 6'
Auspício, Vasco Trabulo Bauerle, Portugal, FIC, 10'
Berço, Inês Luís, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 22'
Corporealitis, Beatriz Bagulho, UK/Portugal, 2018, ANI, 4'
Direito à Memória, Rúben Sevivas, Portugal, 2019, DOC, 9'
Em Caso de Fogo, Tomás Paula Marques, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 23'
Em Junho, Henrique Brazão, Portugal, 2019 , FIC, 16'
Estas Mãos São Minhas, André Miguel Ferreira, Portugal, 2019, DOC, 9'
Há Alguém na Terra, Francisca Magalhães, Joana Tato Borges & Maria Canela, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 17'
Inside Me, Maria Trigo Teixeira, Germany, 2019, ANI/DOC, 5' 
Irene, João Martinho, Portugal, 2018, FIC, 15'
José, João Monteiro, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 14'
Notes on Living, Inês Pedrosa e Melo, USA, 2018, DOC, 5'
Os Monstros só Saem à Noite, João Pedro Ferreira, Portugal, FIC, 14'
The Hood, Patricia Vidal Delgado, USA/Portugal, 2018, FIC, 10'
Verniz Glaze, Clara Jost, Portugal, 2018, FIC, 14' 

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Curtinhas brings the Space to Vila do Conde

17 June 2019
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Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival is back and brings Curtinhas again. The section devoted to the children's and family's public of the festival, this year dedicated to the theme The Space, will integrate sessions for over 3, 6 and 10 years, parties and workshops, assuming itself as a mini-festival where children can learn to see and making movies.

To mark this year's Curtinhas program, the long-awaited fourth movie from the "Toy Story" series, which brings back the adventures of Woody and his friends in 3D format and the special free-access session made up of some of Walt Disney's animated classics.
With a vast program of recent short animation films, Curtinhas 2019 aims to present aesthetics and languages ​​that are alternative to normal cinema consumption, aligned with school content and the interests of children and young people in each age group. In parallel, the festival will have a children's space in the Municipal Theater of Vila do Conde, where children will be able to develop a series of workshops related to moving images, as well as other playful and pedagogical activities, accompanied by monitors, while parents attend the classroom sessions. Scheduled this year are two workshops created in collaboration with the "Scientific World: Intergalactic Journey" (Sunday 7 July) and Pequenos "Exploradores de Estrelas" (Saturday, July 13), as well as a large closing party taking place on the last day of the festival.
Special highlight in the cinema for the single session and free access with some of the first color classics produced by Walt Disney. Taking place on Saturday, July 13, this session will consist of a series of masterpieces that are now considered essential in the history of cinema. From the short Flowers and Trees to the big hit The Three Little Pigs (first in a Disney movie series to win the Oscar in the best animation category), through the first appearance of Donald Duck in the movies with The Wise Little Hen or the remake of classic The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen.
As in previous editions, the jury of the Curtinhas competition will be composed of children between the ages of 8 and 12, who will jointly decide the best film in the competition. At the closing ceremony, this group will deliver the MAR Shopping Award to the winner of the film. Entries for the jury of Curtinhas are still open and the regulations can be consulted on the website.
In anticipation of the 27th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde, MAR Shopping will host on 22nd of June, the Workshop Faz Pop-Up, from 11am to 12.30am  and from 2.30pm to 5pm, at Floor 0 (children's fashion corridor). Participation is free and guaranteed on a first-come, first-served basis. The workshop is intended for families with children between the ages of 4 and 10.
The 27th Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival, which runs from July 6 to 14, has the support of Vila do Conde City Hall, the Ministry of Culture, the Cinema and Audiovisual Institute, the MEDIA / Creative Europe program and several partners essential to the festival, including MAR Shopping, exclusive sponsor of the Curtinhas section. This mini-festival follows the work developed regularly by Curtas Metragens CRL since 2005, through activities organized by the team of Solar's educational service - Cinematic Art Gallery and the Animar project.

New Section at Curtas: Cinema Revisitado

12 June 2019
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It is not new the concern of  Curtas Vila do Conde with the cinematographic patrimony. Committed in the mission to value the place of short film in the history of cinema, the festival throughout its 27 editions has been contributing to the creation of an alternative vision of the cinematic heritage, recovering and programming some of the most essential works of the seventh art.

A commitment that now assumes itself as a festival section, with the launch of a new programmatic space that will promote the return to the festival venues rare or unknown films, restored versions, cinema about cinema and visual rehearsals. In this first edition, the section Cinema Revisitado includes an unreleased film by António Reis, a cycle that marks the 50th anniversary of the death of writer and poet José Régio and a special session with the first animated films of Walt Disney.

Filmmaker, poet and teacher, António Reis is one of the insurmountable names in the history of portuguese cinema. Alone, or next to Margarida Cordeiro, contributed in an absolutely unique way to what we understand today as Portuguese cinema. His work, particularly committed to the record the rural life and the ethnography of a country in the hands of a  dictatorship, raises the veil over discussions about memory, temporality and territory, having influenced several generations of filmmakers who succeeded it. Curtas will show, for the first time, "Do Céu ao Rio", in a session that will also include several films by Sergei Parajanov. Considered one of the great masters of cinema of the twentieth century, Parajanov owns a work with a particular poetic vein, having been one of the main responsible for deflecting the course of Eastern European cinema history, breaking with the realistic aesthetic imposed by the regime of the ex-Soviet Union. In Vila do Conde, "Hakob Hovnatanyan", "Kiev Frescoes" and "Arabesques on the Pirosmani Theme" will be presented.

It seems to be undeniable that the meeting between José Régio and Manoel de Oliveira was a decisive moment for the artistic life of both. If the first has influenced in a decisive way the  the universe of literary references of the second, it will be mainly through the cinema of Manoel Oliveira that is, today, the main door to the Régio's literature. In the year that marks the 50th anniversary of his death, Curtas recovers in Vila do Conde, the land where he has lived all his life, the films that link the writer and filmmaker.

It will be a unique and free access session that will screen some of the first color classics produced by Walt Disney. A series of masterpieces, nowadays considered essential in the history of cinema, which are a testimony to how the vision of the american would mark the entertainment industry worldwide. From the short "Flowers and Trees" to the hit "Three Little Pigs" (the first in a Disney movie series to win the Oscar in the best animation category), through the first appearance of Donald Duck in the movies with "The Wise Little Hen" or the remake from the classic "The Ugly Duckling", by Hans Christian Andersen. Entertainment also in the presentation of the restored $K print of "Rambo: First Blood". Presented in Cannes this year, the first of the saga featuring Sylvester Stallone, has been restored from the original negatives, respecting the artistic choices of the original production.
The new section of the festival will also includes the screening of "Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen", a rarely seen documentary by João César Monteiro, marking the centenary of the author's birth, and the film-concert "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" by Robert Wiene, performed live by the cellist Marta Navarro and composer and sound artist Tiago Cutileiro.

The 27th Curtas Vila do Conde, from 6 to 14 July, has the support of the MEDIA/Creative Europe program, the Vila do Conde City Hall, the Ministry of Culture, ICA - Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual, among many other partners. 


Arabesques on the Pirosmani Theme, Sergei Parajanov, Armenia, 1985, 25'
Do Céu ao Rio, António Reis, César Guerra Leal, Portugal, DOC, 1964
Hakob Hovnatanyan, Sergei Parajanov, Armenia, DOC, 1967, 10'
Kiev Frescoes, Sergei Parajanov, Armenia, 1966, 15'
Rambo: First Blood, Ted Kotcheff, USA, FIC, 1982, 97'
Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, João César Monteiro, Portugal, DOC, 1969, 19'
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Robert Wiene, Germany, 1919, FIC, 55' (filme-concerto)
The Movie Orgy − Ultimate Version, Joe Dante, USA, DOC, 1968, 280'

Sessão José Régio

A Glória de Fazer Cinema em Portugal, Manuel Mozos, Portugal, FIC, 2015, 15'
As Pinturas do meu Irmão Júlio, Manoel de Oliveira, Portugal, DOC, 1965, 15'
Douro Faina Fluvial, Manoel de Oliveira, Portugal, DOC, 1931, 20'
O Poeta Doido, o Vitral e a Santa Morta, Manoel de Oliveira, Portugal, DOC, 2008, 7'
Romance de Vila do Conde, Manoel de Oliveira, Portugal, DOC, 2008, 6'

Sessão Disney Technicolor

Flowers and Trees, Burt Gillett, USA, ANI, 1932, 8'
The Goddess of Spring, Wilfred Jackson, USA, ANI, 1934, 10'
The Golden Touch, Walt Disney, USA, ANI, 1935, 10'
The Old Mill, Wilfred Jackson, USA, ANI, 1937, 9'
The Tortoise and the Hare, Wilfred Jackson, USA, ANI, 1935, 9'
The Ugly Duckling, Jack Cutting, Clyde Geronimi, USA, ANI, 1939, 9'
The Wise Little Hen, Wilfred Jackson, USA, ANI, 1934, 8'
Three Little Pigs, Burt Gillett, USA, ANI, 1933, 9'

27º Curtas: International and Experimental Competition

4 June 2019
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Recent events have shown us the importance of looking back at history. Rewriting events, rediscovering the archives of memory, reclaiming legacies and redrawing old symbologies are the challenges proposed by the 56 short films of the international and experimental competitions of the 27th Curtas Vila do Conde. Unique voices, working at the boundaries between genders, outside and within their own cultural heritages, which show us the ways of connecting personal and ordinary experiences, yesterday and today, now and tomorrow.

Born in Dallas in 1950, Billy Woodberry is one of the founders of the L.A. Rebellion movement, a collective of Afro-American filmmakers for a black cinema in the United States. During the research work for his latest feature, dedicated to the Angolan poet-activist Mário Pinto de Andrade, he came across the photographic archive that depicts the effects of the Portuguese army's pacification campaign on the Cuamato people after the Berlin conferences of 1885. That's how "A Story from Africa" urges, a portrait of the bravery and resistance of a people until its fall.
Still in the territory of a black heritage, Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca, the duo in focus at this year’s Venice Biennale, again questioning the way in which cultural traditions, once a symbol of resistance, have been appropriated by the entertainment and tourism industry. At "R.I.S.E", a Berlinale award-winning film, they occupy one of Toronto's newest metro lines with the work of young and marginalized rappers and poets, in a film that is a common discourse between periphery and center, traditional and contemporary, individual and group identity. And if we talk about crossements, let's stop at Deborah Stratman's "Vever (for Barbara)". A poetic essay that connects three generations of filmmakers who, separately and together, have taken on a number of challenges and thereby exposed themselves to the reinterpretation of their own filmmaking processes.
Radu Jude is one of the most renowned Romanian filmmakers today. A regular attendance at Portuguese film festivals in the last years, with shorts and feature films, has given new dimensions to historical events of the last century of Europe. In "The Marshal's Two Executions", Radu Jude’s opens the screen to two different views on the execution of the general Ion Antonescu, the Romanian leader during the second world war. It is the same surgical look that we find in Gürcan Keltek. Working at the meeting point between documentary and fiction, he tells stories about the conflicts, struggles and marginalizations that are hidden in Turkish history. In "Gulyabani", the short she presents in Vila do Conde, that takes us through the diaries and memoirs of Fethiye Sessiz, a seer living in İzmir, a victim of abuse, abduction and torture. By opposition, Benjamin Crotty, director and visual artist who collaborates frequently with Gabriel Abrantes, films "Le Discours D'acceptation Glorieux De Nicolas Chauvin". A film that puts us face-to-face with a war veteran who, during the career award ceremony, rediscovers his own life story.
Return of Ludovic Houplain, who had already gone through the Curtas with "Logorama", film awarded with an Oscar. As conductor of your new movie, "My Generation", he most certainly has looked through his own rear-view mirror. The film shows its apocalyptic vision of the contemporary world, where a vehicle in reverse takes us through all the plagues of modern times: from art to big data, from sports to religion, from sex to politics and finance. An inverse game on Rainer Kohlberger's "It has to be lived once and dreamed twice". After the sixth great mass extinction, humanity has disappeared from Earth, but there is a new life to awaken and tries to understand its surroundings, and then discover the cinematic history of humanity. From the future again to the now, with "Suspended Island" by Jane Wilson and Louise Wilson, a visual installation that questions the place of post-Brexit England, and Martin Rejtman's "Shatki", to bring a new entry point into the microcosm of the Argentine society, through the misfortunes of Federico.
The 27th edition of Curtas de Vila do Conde will also include national premiere of recent films by Ken Jacobs ("The Whole Shebang"), James Franco e Pedro Gómez Millán ("Birth of a Poet"), Chema García Ibarra e Ion de Sosa ("Leyenda dorada"), Kevin Jerome Everson ("Polly One"), Stéphane Aubier e Vincent Patar ("Panique au Village - La foire Agricole"), Franck Dion ("Per Aspera Ad Astra"), Ben Rivers ("Trees Down Here"), Bill Morrison ("Cinematograph") and Brandon Cronenberg ("Please Speak Continuously and Describe Your Experiences as They Come to You").
The 27th Curtas Vila do Conde, from 6 to 14 July, has the support of the MEDIA/Creative Europe program, the Vila do Conde City Hall, the Ministry of Culture, ICA - Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual, among many other partners. 


A Letter To Home, Mukul Haloi, India, FIC, 2018, 25'
A Story from Africa, Billy Woodberry, Portugal / USA, DOC, 2018, 32'
America, Garrett Bradley, USA, DOC, 2019, 27'
Bicicletas, Cecilia Kang, Argentina, FIC, 2018, 27'
Birth of a Poet, James Franco, Pedro Gomez Millán, Zachary Kerschberg, USA, FIC, 2019, 14'
Blessed Land, Phạm Ngọc Lân, Vietnam, FIC, 2019, 18'
Cadoul de Craciun, Bogdan Muresanu, Romania, FIC, 2018, 20'
Demonic, Pia Borg, Australia, DOC, 2019, 28 '
Deux Sœurs Qui Ne Sont Pas Sœurs, Beatrice Gibson, United Kingdom / Germany / Canada / France, DOC / EXP, 2019, 22'
Dreamland, Raphaël Matthieu, France, FIC, 2019, 14'
Everything You Wanted To Know About Sudden Birth * (* But Were Afraid To Ask), Scott Calonico, United Kingdom / Germany / USA, FIC, 2018, 11'
Gulyabani, Gürcan Keltek, Netherlands / Turkey, FIC / EXP, 2018, 35'
In Between, Samir Karahoda, Kosovo, DOC, 2019, 14'
L'Autre sur ma tête, Julie Colly, France, FIC, 2018, 9'
L'été Et Tout Le Reste, Sven Bresser, Netherlands, FIC, 2018, 18'
Le Cortège, Pascal Blanchet, Rodolphe Saint-Gelais, Canada, ANI, 2019, 8'
Le Discours D'acceptation Glorieux De Nicolas Chauvin, Benjamin Crotty, France, FIC, 2018, 26'
Levittown, Nelson Bourrec Carter, France / USA, FIC, 2018, 13 '
Leyenda Dorada, Chema García Ibarra, Ion de Sosa, Spain, FIC, 2019, 11'
Los Que Desean, Elena López Riera, Switzerland / Spain, DOC / FIC, 2018, 24 '
Movements, Dahee Jeong, Dahee Jeong, South Korea, ANI, 2019, 10'
My Generation, Ludovic Houplain, France, 2018, ANI, 8'
Olla, Ariane Labed, France, United Kingdom, FIC, 2019, 27'
Panique au Village - La foire Agricole, Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar, Belgium / France, ANI, 2019, 26'
Per Aspera Ad Astra, Franck Dion, France, ANI, 2019, 11'
Piece Of Meat, Huang Junxiang, Jerrold Chong, Singapore, ANI, 2019, 12'
Plaisir Fantôme, Morgan Simon, France, FIC, 2019, 15'57''
Please Speak Continuously and Describe Your Experiences as They Come to You, Brandon Cronenberg, Canada, FIC, 2019, 9'
Psychic, Tova Mozard, Sweden, DOC, 2019, 17'
R.I.S.E., Bárbara Wagner, Benjamin de Burca, Canada / Brazil, DOC, 2018, 25'
Shakti, Martín Rejtman, Argentina, Chile, FIC, 2019, 19'
Soy Una Tomb, Khris Cembe, Spain, France, ANI, 2018, 12'
The Culture, Ernst De Geer, Norway, Sweden, FIC, 2018, 25'
The Marshal's Two Executions, Radu Jude, Romania, FIC, 2018, 10'
The Six, Xu An, Xi Chen, China, ANI, 2019, 5'


A Return, James Edmonds, Germany, EXP, 2018, 6'
Ada Kaleh, Helena Wittmann, Germany, DOC, 2018, 14'
Altiplano, Malena Szlam, Chile / Argentina / Canada, EXP, 2018, 16'
Ambulatório Através da Poesia de Augusto Dos Anjos e António Nobre, Pedro Bastos, Portugal, EXP, 2019, 30'
Cavalcade, Johann Lurf, Austria, EXP, 2019, 4'
Cinematograph, Bill Morrison, USA, EXP, 2018, 3'
Darwin Darwah, Arash Nassiri, France, DOC / EXP, 2019, 16 '
El Laberinto, Laura Huertas Millán, France, Colombia, EXP, 2018, 21 '
It has to be lived once and dreamed twice, Rainer Kohlberger, Germany / Austria, EXP, 2019, 28'
Pattern Cognition, Thorsten Fleisch, Germany, ANI, 2019, 7'
Polly One, Kevin Jerome Everson, USA, EXP, 2018, 6'
Suspended Island, Jane Wilson, Louise Wilson, UK, EXP, 2018, 16'
The Air Of The Earth In Your Lungs, Ross Meckfessel, USA / Japan, EXP, 2018, 11 '
The Evil Eye, Clément Cogitore, France, DOC / EXP, 2018, 15'
The Loom, Toby Tatum, UK, EXP, 2018, 8'
The Whole Shebang, Ken Jacobs, USA, EXP., 2019, 5'
Transformation Scenario, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Germany, EXP, 2018, 20 '
Trees Down Here, Ben Rivers, UK / USA / Hong Kong, EXP, 2018, 14'
Umbra, Florian Fischer & Johannes Krell, Germany, EXP, 201, 20'
Vever (for Barbara), Deborah Stratman, USA, DOC / EXP, 2019, 12'

Carlos Conceição is the second director in focus of Curtas

28 May 2019
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Let's start with “Serpentarius", the first feature film by Carlos Conceição, premiered this year in Berlin and which is being presented as Portuguese Premiere at Curtas Vila do Conde festival. The film, lead by João Arrais ("Soldado Milhões", "Coelho Mau”), follows the journey of a filmmaker in search of his mother's soul in a post-apocalyptic Africa. An emotional reflection on memory that transmutes between the director's biography in Africa - where he was born and lived to his 21st birthday - and episodes of the continent's own history.  A film-catastrophe, where feelings of belonging are explored, a reflexion about Angola after the war when the country is rediscovering its identity and the references erased by history.

Referred as one of the most interesting young European directors, Carlos Conceição explores in his films an elegant, romantic, baroque and subversive style. It was so with “Versailles" presented at the Locarno competition in 2013, but in Vila do Conde we will be show a never seen Director’s Cut. "Coelho Mau” is another film to be screened, premiered at the Cannes Critic’s Week it's a Portuguese-French co-production that deals with the relations between two brothers (João Arrais and Julia Palha), an absent mother (Carla Maciel) and his lover (Matthieu Charneau). The retrospective of the festival will also include "O Inferno", a look into the interior of a contemporary house that tests the limits of perception and the capacity of the viewer to be shock.
The program for this focus will be end with a Carte blanche to Carlos Conceição, where the director chooses films that dialogue with his career and his work: starting with references to Pasolini and Carl Dreyer - with the screening of "La Sequenza Dei Fiore di Carta" and “Thorvaldsen" - it also includes "Le Musée" de Walerian Borowczyk (whose work, recently restored, is being rediscovered by the film community worldwide) or “Brando” the short film that inaugurated the collaboration between Scott Walker and the precursors of the drone metal, Sunn o))).
Carlos Conceição will be in the festival to present the his films and Carte Blanche, and will also participate in a conversation with directors João Rui Guerra da Mata and João Pedro Rodrigues.
The 27th Curtas Vila do Conde, which be held from July 6th to 14th, has the support of the MEDIA / Creative Europe program, the Vila do Conde City Hall, the Ministry of Culture, ICA - Cinema and Audiovisual Institute and several others indispensable partners of the festival.

“Serpentarius", Carlos Conceição, Portugal, Angola, 2019, doc./fic.,75’
“Bad Bunny", Carlos Conceição, Portugal, France, 2017, fic., 30’
“Hell", Carlos Conceição, Portugal, 2011, fic., 20'50''
“Versailles" (never seen director’s cut), Carlos Conceição, Portugal, fic., 2019, 18’


Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe, Les Blank, 1980, 22’
Moving Stories, Nicolas Provost, Belgium, 2011, 7’
Le Musée, Walerian Borowczyk, France, 1964, 2’
Interlúdio 1: Real Men Meow (Memory Hole), 2’
Cat Listening To Music, Chris Marker, France, 1990, 3’
Trailer de "Mill Of The Stone Women", 2’
Brando - Scott Walker + Sunn o))), Gisele Vienne, France, 2014, 10’
Andy Warhol Eating a Hamburger (excerpt from "66 Scenes From America"), Jørgen Leth, Denmark, 1982, 5’
Thorvaldsen, Carl Dreyer, Denmark, 1949, 10’
Interlúdio 2: "Our World Is Ending" (Memory Hole), 2’
La Sequencia Dei Fiore di Carta (episode by “Amore e rabbia”), Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italy, 1969, 11’ 

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