"Diamantino" kick starts Curtas

11 June 2018
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New feature film by Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt, "Diamantino", opens the 26th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival, on July 14. Integrated in the section From Short to Long, this exhibition marks the national debut of the film that won the Critics' Week of the Cannes Film Festival.

Praised by international critics, "Diamantino" tells the story of a world football star who fails at the end of his career confronting the evil eye of public opinion. In a delusional portrait that crosses the genres of comedy, drama and science fiction, Diamantino ends up getting involved in political issues, from the fight against neofascism to the refugee crisis, culminating in an existential crisis about the origin of the genius.

The Portuguese director, who is already a regular presence at the festival, received the prize for best performance for the short film "Os Humores Artificiais" last year, also integrating the collective exhibition Terra, in the Solar Gallery of Cinematic Art, with " Hunchback ", a film choreographed with Ben Rivers. Curtas Vila do Conde has been following the work of Gabriel Abrantes since 2009, showing several of his short films: "Too Many Daddies, Mommies and Babies" (2009), "Baby Back Costa Rica" (2011), "Fratelli" 2011), "Zwazo" (2012), "Taprobana" (2014) and "A Brief History of Princess X" (2016).

The section From Short to Long also features the latest Yann Gonzalez film, "Un couteau dans le coeur" (2018), also premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Against the background of the pornographic industry of the late 70's in Paris, the feature film tells the story of Anne (Vanessa Paradis), producer of porn movies of series B. In an unmistakable style that has been maturing since the beginning of career, the French director combines the drama of a failed love affair and serial murder, halfway between the erotic and the police.

The festival also features a carte blanche by Yann Gonzalez, a very crazy midnight session, composed of avant-garde films and some rarities, presented by himself. "Depressive Cop" (2016), by Bertrand Mandico; "Tout ce dont je me souviens" (1969), by Christian Boltanski; "The Cat Lady" (1969) by Tom Chomont; "Dellamorte Dellamorte Dellamore" (2000), by David Matarasso; "Jungle Island" (1967) by Jack Smith; are some of the filmmaker's choices.

The 26th Curtas Vila do Conde, which runs between July 14 and 22, has the support of the MEDIA / Creative Europe program, Vila do Conde City Hall, the Ministry of Culture, the Cinema and Audiovisual Institute and several indispensable partners to the festival.

Stereo: films and live Portuguese music at 26th Curtas Vila do Conde

8 June 2018
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The national music will be highlighted in the 26th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival, taking place between 14 and 22 July. Moor Mother and Jonathan Uliel Saldanha (HHY) join the directors André Tentugal and Vasco Mendes in an exclusive project. Linda Martini, B Facade, Joana Gama and Luís Fernandes and Black Bombaim with João Pais Filipe complete the program.

Ex-libris of the festival, the Stereo program, combines the best of two worlds: music and cinema, through concerts, concerts with live video and a competition of music videos.

On July 19, the American artist, songwriter and activist Moor Mother takes the stage with Jonathan Uliel Saldanha (HHY & The Macumbas) to present an unprecedented spectacle, resulting from an artistic residence in Vila do Conde. The directors André Tentugal and Vasco Mendes will create the visual component of the concert, combining the work of the participants in the MAD Summer School film workshop, which will also take place in July.

Stereo starts on the first day of the festival on July 14. Black Bombaim, a Portuguese psychadelic rock trio, will open the section with a collaboration with the artist and performer João Pais Filipe for "Dragonflies with Birds and Snake" by the German director Wolfgang Lehmann, whose works were often present at the experimental competition of Curtas. Released in 2011, the film uses zoological and educational images to create a sensory and macro-photographic approach to insects' world. The experimental aspect of the feature film will go alongside with live music improvisation, on a composite and rehearsed basis, which is already a characteristic of the band.

Between classical and electronic, erudite and pop music, Joana Gama and Luís Fernandes come to Vila do Conde on July 18 to present their new album "At The Still Point of The Turning World." The titles of the album and of the six compositions are taken from a poem by T.S. Elliot, about the passage of time, which served as a source of inspiration. The concert at Curtas Vila do Conde will also count on the participation of 14 musicians from an ensemble and with visuals by Miguel C. Tavares, responsible for the first videoclip of the band and the unprecedented performance of live video.

Appealing the musical experimentation, the films of Buster Keaton come back once again as a source of creation in the festival. This time B Fachada will be the responsible for the creation of an original musical  and interpretation for the work of the American actor and actor, in this case, "The Cameraman", co-realized by Edward Sedgwick. The show will be presented on July 20 and will combine the harmonies of the Portuguese singer - songwriter, also composer musician with great at ease in electronic, and the adventures - comic and satirical, as usual - of an inexperienced photographer, interpreted by Keaton himself.

Linda Martini, one of the most popular bands in the recent national panorama, will close the program Stereo on July 21. The band, which intersects various influences from rock to pop and responsible for hits like "Amor Combate", will have the challenge of composing for "La Coquille et le Clergyman", a surrealist French avant-garde film of the twenties, directed by Germaine Dulac. With a script written by the unmistakable Antonin Artaud, the film portraits the erotic hallucinations of a priest and the respective sexual desire by the wife of a general.

Tickets for these shows cost between 7 and 10 € and are on sale at Vila do Conde Municipal Theater and Bilheteira Online. Free-Pass festival holders have free access to all concerts. This general pass, for sale from 40 euros exclusively on the site of Curtas Vila do Conde, also guarantees access to all the film sessions and other events of the festival.

The Music Videos Competition will once again present a selection of the best Portuguese music videos, innovators in the art of combining music and cinema. Always seeking to follow the evolution of genres and the way of making films, this competition, dedicated in recent years exclusively to national production, has exhibited works by some of the most outstanding artists in the area, among them Paulo Furtado, Rodrigo Areias, João Nicolau, André Tentugal and Vasco Mendes among others.

The 26th Curtas Vila do Conde, which will be held from July 14 to 22, has the support of the MEDIA/ Creative Europe program, Vila do Conde City Hall, the Ministry of Culture, the Cinema and Audiovisual Institute and several indispensable partners to the festival.

Municipal Theater of Vila do Conde:

14 JUL, 23:00
Tickets: 7 euros

18 JUL, 23:00
Tickets: 7 euros

19 JUL, 23:00
Tickets: 7 euros

20 JUL, 23:00
Tickets: 10 euros
21 JUL, 23:00
Tickets: 10 euros

* Free-Pass Curtas Vila do Conde allows free access to all the concerts, to lift in the same day and in the limit of the available places

Workshops at 26th Curtas Vila do Conde

6 June 2018
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From 14 July to 22, Curtas Vila do Conde will once again occupy northern coastal city with the best of world cinema. In this edition, Curtas promotes educative formation on the moving images through three workshops: Cinema, in partnership with MAD Summer School, Expanded Cinema and Film Criticism.

Promoted by ESMAD - Escola Superior de Media, Artes e Design in partnership with the festival, the Cinema workshop will take place between July 16 and 20, within MAD Summer School. The final show will intersect music and video and will be premiered during the 2018 edition of Curtas Vila do Conde. American activist Moor Mother and Portuguese musician Jonathan Saldanha (HHY) are joining each other to an artistic residence in July with the young community of Vila do Conde. From the sound work developed by the duo, the participants of this workshop will have the opportunity to collaborate with the directors Vasco Mendes and André Tentugal on the creation of the visual component. Inscriptions are open until June 18 and can be submitted here.

With tutoring by Spanish artists Adriana Vila and Luis Macías (Crater Lab), the Expanded Cinema workshop aims to offer a basis for the different expressions of intervention techniques in live film through 16mm projections and luminous artifacts. The focus will be the manipulation of image and sound content in the celluloid and in the projection apparatus, and the use of instruments of improvisation and cinematographic action. Cut, paste, recompose. The result should be a collective performative film. This workshop will be held July 18 to 20, and inscriptions - limited to 10 participants - can be submitted through this form.

Since 2016, the Film Criticism Workshop has been an important platform for the promotion of critical thinking around the cinema, resulting in texts that are disseminated either in the channels of the festival itself or through various media partners (Público, À Pala de Walsh , A Cuarta Parede, etc). Besides the practical side, the workshop also offers several masterclasses with cinemas and renowned theorists. Mark Rapapport, Thomas Elsaesser, Nicole Brenez, Miguel Gomes, Jorge Mourinha or João Tabarra were some of the personalities that passed by the workhsop in previous editions. The third edition of the workshop will take place between 14 and 21 July and will be attended by Navad Lapid, Peter Zorn (filmmaker and curator of the European Media Art Network), Jorge Mourinha (critic and journalist of Público) and Carlos Natálio (critic in À Pala de Walsh), among others. Entries can be submitted until June 15 through this form.

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