Rotterdam and Clermont-Ferrand

26 January 2012
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During next week, the film world will meet in two major film festivals. Starting on January 25 and continuing until February 4, it will be hold the International Film Festival Rotterdam. This is one of the most popular festivals for its cutting edge programme, with some of the most innovative works of contemporary cinema. Starting January 27 and continuing until 4 February, the French city of Clermont-Ferrand receives the largest festival in the world dedicated to short film. In both festivals, are present films and authors who have gone through the Curtas Vila do Conde.

The Festival of Rotterdam will screen several Portuguese filmmakers. Miguel Fonseca, who was in Curtas 2011 with the short "I Know You Can Hear Me", will present "The Waves" in the Tiger Awards Competition. The Spectrum section will be presented "Our Man" by Pedro Costa, and "Silêncio de Dois Sons" by Rita Figueiredo, both screened in the Portuguese competition of the 19th Curtas. João Salaviza (with "Rafa"), Gabriel Abrantes (with "Palácios da Pena") and Miguel Seabra Lopes (with "Incêndio") are also selected. Also in this section it will be screened "Dimanches," by Valery Rosier, "Killing the Chickens to Scare the Monkeys," by Jens Assur, and "Mila Caos", by Simon Paetau. All of them were in the international competition of Curtas 2011.

In Clermont-Ferrand, the Portuguese delegation is composed of "Água Fria" by Pedro Neves (Portuguese competition of the last edition) and "Fado of Grown Man", by Pedro Brito. Both are in international competition, where two films shown in Curtas will also be screened: "La Broma Infinita" and "A Morning Stroll". The Labo section will present "How to Raise the Moon" and "Killing the Chickens to Scare the Monkeys." Finally, in the national competition it will be screened "Parmi Nous" and the winner of the Curtas 2011, "Boro in the Box" by Bertrand Mandico.

Representatives of the direction and the programming of Curtas Vila do Conde will be present at both festivals.

Stereo Films at Festivals

25 November 2011
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The films produced for the Exhibition Stereo (a production of Estaleiro, a cultural project of Curtas CRL) were selected for several international film festivals and will have, therefore, its première outside Portugal in the last days of November. This exhibition was shown at Solar - Cinematic Art Gallery and, at the same time, Curtas Vila do Conde curated a section of films with a strong relation between cinema and music (Jem Cohen or Bruce Conner were two of the projected authors).


The group première of the six films will be at the 49º FICXixón – Gijon International Film Festival, which takes place until 26th November. Moreover, one of these productions – “Strokkur”, by João Salaviza (and music by Norberto Lobo) – will be also screened at Paris in the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Madrid/Berlin at its Closing Ceremony; and was selected for the international competition of Festival International du Film de Belfort – EntreVues.


Stereo was an exhibition which allowed the joint work of six pairs of directors and visual artists with musicians. Took part of the exhibition: João Salaviza + Norberto Lobo; Sandro Aguilar + Black Bombaim; Rodrigo Areias + The Legendary Tigerman; Bruno de Almeida + Manuel João Vieira; João Onofre + Adolfo Luxúria Canibal; and Gabriel Abrantes + Pedro Gomes.

Pedro Costa selected for Festivals

27 October 2011
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The main prize in the Portuguese Competition of Curtas 2011, "O Nosso Homem" ("Our Man"), by Pedro Costa, was selected for two international festivals.

In the end of this week, the film will be screened at DocLisboa (28 and 29 October), in Riscos' section. The film will also be screened at Curtas Cinema - in a program curated by Curtas Vila do Conde - and that starts today (27th October) - at Rio de Janeiro.

+info at DocLisboa e Curta Cinema.

Portuguese cinema at Brazil

19 October 2011
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Curta Cinema – International Short Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most important festivals dedicated to short films, curated an extensive retrospective of Portuguese films, called FOCUS ON PORTUGAL. The Festival will take place from 28 October to 6 November. Curtas Vila do Conde is on of the entities associated to this retrospective, which has been curated by Agência - Portuguese Short Film Agency. Moreover, one of Curtas' directors - Dario Oliveira - will be a member of the jury at the Festival's competition.

Within this extensive program, Agência in collaboration with Curta Cinema, Curtas Vila do Conde, IndieLisboa and Onda Curta RTP, scheduled a series of five sessions. In addition, Curta Cinema invited the filmmaker Miguel Gomes to be the director IN FOCUS and the production company O Som e a Fúria for a special presentation, also in collaboration with the Agência.

The chosen films for Curtas Vila do Conde's session are a selection of the best of Portuguese cinema which has been screened at the Festival in the past years, joining consecrated directors (Pedro Costa), emerging (João Nicolau and Basil da Cunha) and recent revelations (Bernardo Nascimento).

Rapace, João Nicolau, 25'
North Atlantic, Bernardo Nascimento,15'
Nuvem, Basil da Cunha, 30'
O nosso homem, Pedro Costa, 24'

Remains, Sandro Aguilar 12'
Voodoo, Sandro Aguilar, 30' - 35mm
Sem movimento, Sandro Aguilar, 17' - 35mm
Cântico das criaturas, Miguel Gomes, 24' - 35mm

Entretanto, 25' - 35mm
Kalkitos, 17' - 35mm
Inventário de natal, 23' - 35mm
31, 27' - 35mm

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