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Short films on ANIMATIC

9 January 2019
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The films "Água Mole" by Laura Gonçalves and Alexandra Ramires (Shah), "Ride" by Paul Bush and "Entre Sombras" by Mónica Santos and Alice Guimarães are selected for the ANIMAC Festival taking place in Spain from February 21 to 24 .
ANIMAC is an international animation festival in Lleida since 1996, which has become a reference in the creation of new cinematographic and animation techniques.
"Água Moler" will be featured on the official festival program and "Ride" and "Entre Sombras" are included in the session "MONOGRAPHIC SESSION STOP MOTION 1", a special selection of this edition.

Films of the Agencia candidates for nominations of Cesar awards

7 January 2019
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"Entre Sombras" by Alice Eça Guimarães and Mónica Santos and "Como Fernando Pessoa Salvou Portugal" by Eugène Green are candidates for nominations for the César film awards, awarded by the French Film Academy.

The animation film "Entre sombras" by Alice Eça Guimarães and Mónica Santos and "Como Fernando Pessoa Salvou Portugal" by Eugène Green are candidates for nominations for the César film awards, awarded by the French Film Academy.

"Entre sombras", which won the Audience Award at the Curtas Vila do Conde festival in July, uses the technique of pixilation and stop motion with real actors, with interpretation by Sara Costa and Gilberto Oliveira.
The film has already been screened at various festivals, and has won a prize at the Animafest in Zabreg, Croatia, and the special jury prize at the Hiroshima Animation Film Festival in Japan.
Also in the list of pre-selected prizes, in the category of best short film, is the Portuguese co-production "Como Fernando Pessoa saved Portugal", by the director Eugène Green, with Carloto Cotta as the Portuguese poet.
The film premiered worldwide at Curtas Vila do Conde, and was also screened at the Locarno Festival in Switzerland.
The 44th edition of the César is scheduled for February 22.

Commercial premiere of "Mariphasa"

18 September 2018
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The feature film by Sandro Aguilar, "Mariphasa", has a commercial premiere this week in Portugal. The film was premiered world-wide at the 25th Curtas Vila do Conde in 2017, and later went on to the Forum of the Berlinale.

The world premiere of "Mariphasa", by Sandro Aguilar, took place in the 25th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde in 2017. This week the feature film reaches the Portuguese commercial circuit of film screening. 

Prior to "Mariphasa", Sandro Aguilar directed another feature film, "A Zona", which was launched almost a decade ago in 2009. During this time, the director focused on the format of the short film, with more than a dozen films, which have been screened and awarded worldwide.

At the Vila do Conde festival, Sandro Aguilar won the main prize of the national competition with "Corpo e Meio" in 2001, as well as the prize of a young Portuguese filmmaker with "Estou Perto" in 1998. He is considered one of the central names of Gerações Curtas.  

Director and producer, Sandro Aguilar (1974) completed the Cinema course, specialized in Montage, of ​​the Lisbon School of Theater and Cinema in 1997 and, a year later, founded the production company O Som e a Fúria. His films have won prizes at festivals such as La Biennale di Venezia, Gijón, Oberhausen and Curtas Vila do Conde and were exhibited in Torino, Belfort, Montreal and Clermont-Ferrand, among others. His work has been the subject of retrospectives at BAFICI, Rotterdam and the Arsenal Institute.

Curtas Vila do Conde at SACO

7 March 2018
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Curtas Vila do Conde – Festival Internacional de Cinema will be presenting a special program with four short films to screen at SACO – Semana del Audiovisual Contemporáneo de Oviedo, taking place from March 16th to 25th, in that Spanish city.

The screening, that will happen on March 24th, at Teatro Filarmónica, is composed by the films “Coup de Grâce”, by Salomé Lamas, “Água Mole”, by Alexandra Ramires (Xá) and Laura Gonçalves, “Fuligem”, by David Doutel and Vasco Sá and also “Coelho Mau”, by Carlos Conceição.

Miguel Dias, director of the Curtas Vila do Conde international Film Festival, and Salette Ramalho, responsible for the Portuguese Agency of Short Film, distributor of the selected short films, will present the session.

On the same day, March 24th, Curtas Vila do Conde will be hosting one of the Spanish festival parties with a DJ Set by Curtas Sound System, a duo composed by Miguel Dias and Sérgio Gomes.


Curtas Vila do Conde – International Film Festival has a strong tradition of music events beyond its core film programme, which can be explained for the festival’s desire for integration of other artistic forms related to cinema, but also for the personal music interests of its team members and programmers. In this particular case, the music proposed by Miguel Dias and Sérgio Gomes is also a good analogy of another important festival feature, the dialogue between history and cutting edge cinema, covering genres from obscure soul and deep funk classics to its electronic counterpoints such as ghetto-funk, glitch-hop and future beats.

Miguel Dias is a record collector interested in all shapes of jazz, soul, funk, latin and african music, specially from the 1960’s and 70’s. He’s also part of the Sete Magníficos, a collective of Porto DJs spinning classic 7" records.

Sérgio Gomes is a DJ since 1998. He has always shown an interest for contemporary and avant-garde electronic music. With its BREAKS lda. label he’s also a promoter of electronic music events in Portugal, and hosts a weekly radio show at RUM.

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