Curtas #30

But the motto for the celebrations in this issue goes beyond the films that have marked the history of the festival, and that we have already had the opportunity to highlight in other ephemerides.

The 30th anniversary evocation of Curtas is the pretext for the festival to travel to many new locations in the city and municipality of Vila do Conde, bringing the community closer to the festival and also drawing a route that leads regular festival-goers to the discovery of some locations in the city and some of its parishes.

Counting historical buildings, shops, cafes, gardens, streets or squares, there will be a total of 30 spaces that will receive part of this year's Curtas program. With film screenings, exhibitions, works of art, workshops, concerts and performances, there are several presentation formats that these 30 places will host, and that basically reflect the eclectic character of Curtas programming.

Laurent Fiévet

By way of superimposition, “Teorema” video series combines excerpts from Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film “Theorem” and fragments from mainly religious paintings by Caravaggio and others. All the exhibit is like an encounter—between the modern and contemporary eras, during which art history went through profound changes; between two media at a time that could be considered a golden age; between two Italian artists known for their success and for their scandalous lives and whose works were received with both admiration and indignation; between two aesthetics that could be defined as naturalistic and both of which have dealt with sacred and profane subjects; and, on a more metaphorical level, between art works and the public at every station of this exhibit.


Guest List /
Nuno Tudela

Since 2009, several festival guests have been chal- lenged to make a Polaroid portrait. At the moment of the shot, Nuno Tudela does not follow a common pattern, but above all he tries to focus on the look, asking the guests to look directly at the lens. The proximity to the portrayed results in the intimacy and empathy that the encounter provides. In some cases, the light conditions were a challenge. But, as Tudela says, "There are no bad Polaroids".

In the 30 images chosen, all captured with a Polaroid SX-70 camera, the film used varies depending on the time in which it was used.

João Canijo

Exactly ten years ago, Curtas premiered some films from a self-production plan that brought together film school students and established directors, part of a larger project titled "Estaleiro". From this group of films, "Obligation" was undoubtedly one of those that had the greatest impact, giving birth to João Canijo's feature film "É o Amor", which had a commercial career in cinemas and other distribution and exhibition platforms, and which in its hybrid style between documentary and fiction can be seen as a rehearsal for some of the films that Canijo would make in the following years ("Fátima", "Diário das Beiras"). Curtas' 30th anniversary - and the film's 10th anniversary - was the perfect excuse to revisit "Obligation" near the place where it was shot, with a special screening at Caxinas Market, with free entrance, which was a unique opportunity to discover (or revisit) the work that was at the genesis of "It's Love".


Sweet Spot
Jorge Ribeiro and Paulo Patrício

A live performance of expanded cinema in which two animation filmmakers – Jorge Ribeiro and Paulo Patrício – each in alter-ego mode and in an uninhibited way, establish a dialogue using several media and techniques, crossing live music, video projection, animation,painting and drawing made live and in real time.

Inflatable Cinema

To mark the 30th edition of Curtas, Curtinhas also includes an itinerant cinema, the Inflatable Cinema, which will tour some locations in the municipality of Vila do Conde, between the 9th and 17th of July, with several daily screenings.



1 — Teatro Municipal,
Avenida Dr. João Canavarro

2 — Solar, Galeria de Arte Cinemática
Rua do Lidador 147

3 — Cave,
Passagem entre a Rua do Lidador e a Praça José Régio
Overlapses Riddles & Spells, Andreia Santana
9J ul — 31 julho

4 — Escadas da passagem entre a Praça José Régio e a Rua do Lidador
Peça - Frame by Frame, Peter Tcherkassky
8 Jul — 17 Jul

5 — Percurso Teatro Municipal, Solar, Avenida Dr. João Canavarro, Rua do Lidador
Performance - Galerie du Cartable, David Legrand,
Qua 13, 23h15

6 — Auditório Municipal, Praça da República
Filme concerto - I don’t know Karate but I know Ka-razor,
Qui 14, 23h30

7 — Câmara Municipal, Praça Vasco da Gama
Projeção Arquivo
8 Jul —17 Jul

8 — Casa do Barco,
Rua do Cais das Lavanderias, 48
Projecção  Arquivo,
8 Jul — 17 Jul

9 — Alfândega Régia, Museu de Construção Naval, Largo da Alfândega
Untitled (original orchestrated ersatz light version original video soundtrack),
Peça Museu - João Onofre
8 Jul — 31 Jul

10 — Antigo Convento do Carmo, Largo Dr. Cunha Reis
Exposição Guest List, Nuno Tudela
8 Jul — 29 Jul

11 — Centro de Memória, Largo de São Sebastião
Projecção - After the Law, Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
8 Jul — 31 Jul

12 — Biblioteca Municipal José Régio, R. Dr. António José Sousa Pereira
Curtas 30 anos: exposição documental

8 Jul — 31 Ag

13 — Casa de José Régio,
Avenida Mouzinho de Albuquerque
Exposição - Teorema, Laurent Fiévet

8 Jul — 31 Ag

14 — Casa de Antero de Quental, Largo Antero de Quental, 5
Exposição - My Generation
8 Jul — 29 Jul

15 — Auditório da Santa Casa da Misericórdia
de Vila do Conde, R. Rainha Dona Leonor, 123
Filme-concerto Regen com Paulo Praça, Joris Ivens
Sex 15, 19h30

16 — Projeção em Montra,
Avenida Dr. João Canavarro, 75
Projeção - Exodus, Nicolas Provost

8 Jul — 17 Jul

17 — Pousada de Juventude, Avenida Bento de Freitas, 460
Curtas pro - Meet the Festivals –
Qua 13, 14h30

18 — Jardins das Alamedas, Alameda dos Descobrimentos
Performance - Sweet Spot
Sáb 15, 21h30

19 — Bosque concept store, Rua do Lidador 215
Window instalation- Pink jacket, Mónica Santos

8 Jul — 17 Jul

20 — Pubblik, Praça da República, 45
Festas, Dj Set 11,12,13 — 15,16 e 17 Julho

21 — Mercado Municipal das Caxinas, Avenida Infante Dom Henrique, 127
Filme - Obrigação, de João Canijo,
Sex 15, 22h

22 — Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira, R. de Serralves 873, Porto
Filme - Cinema Revisitado Ciclo François Reichenbach

Dom 3, Dom 10, Dom 17, Dom 24, 18h

Cinema Insuflável
Gato e Pássaro
Meu nome é Maalum
No-No vai ao espaço

23 — Touguinha, Praça Nossa Senhora do Ó
Sáb 9, 16h, 18h, 21h

24 — Guilhabreu, Largo de Parada
Dom 10, 16h, 18h, 21h

25 — Mosteiró, Largo da Lameira
Ter 11, 16h, 18h, 21h

26 — Vila Chã, Largo dos Pescadores
Qua 12, 16h, 18h, 21h

27 — Mindelo, Praça S. João Evangelista
Qui 13, 16h, 18h, 21h

28 — Vairão, Largo de Santo Ovídio
Sex 14, 16h, 18h, 21h

29 — Macieira, Largo de Vilarinho
Sáb 15, 16h, 18h, 21h

30 — Touguinhó, Rua Central com Rua Vila Amor
Dom 16, 16h, 18h, 21h

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