• BE YOUR SELFIE Guided tour to the Exhibition
21 JUL, 16:00, Solar

    Diogo Costa Amarante
BE YOUR SELFIE Guided tour to the Exhibition
According to the artist himself, the “constant production of images for mass dissemination through the so-called social media seems to be depleting, similarly to what happens with the overexploitation of natural resources, the renewal possibility of any place: viewpoints have taken over mountains, and trail dust has been swept under carpeted rails”. In contemporary societies, we have been witnessing a “commodification of the landscape”, which is being turned into a business that moves millions and multitudes, and the “backdrop tourism industry, which sells the ideal décors for selfies, has turned into the very background of tourism”. Diogo Costa Amarante warns that modernity has become “an existence that depends, above all, upon the gaze of others, and the conviction that we are what we manage to make others believe we are”.