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  • DAVID Zach Woods
17 JUL, 18:30, Teatro Municipal Sala Um

    Zach Woods

    Isabelle Prim

    Guillaume Orignac
Zach Woods, 2020
USA, FIC, 00:11:00
In “David”, Zach Woods presents a narrative punctuated by the bizarre and dramatic aspects of human behavior and social relationships that may come to light during a therapy session. The roles of therapist and patient end up mirroring each other in an unexpected way. The screenplay takes the form of a dramatic comedy, awakening the viewer’s awareness regarding the fatefulness of the ways of being in relation to oneself and others. In a funny state of emotional urgency, Will Ferrell, William Jackson Harper, and Fred Hechiger co-star. With the failure of the characters’ self-government, caused by the current psychologizing of society, the filmmaker seeks to disrupt the hierarchy of these highly centralized and individualizing feelings. The failure of the therapy itself becomes evident as the narrative progresses, along with the many plots and depressive cycles that are presented and intersected. This is Zach Woods’s debut at Curtas. (BC)  
PRODUCTION Kevin Chinoy, Francesca Silvestri, Zach Woods, Andrew Porter, COPY CONTACT Francois Morisset - Salaud Morisset; 493088597439,, SCRIPT Zach Woods, Brandon Gardner PHOTOGRAPHY Andre Lascaris EDITING Nick Paley MUSIC Erik Sutch, Morgan Thoryk MAIN ACTORS Will Ferrell, William Jackson Harper, Fred Hechinger, Corey Jantzen, Sebastian Vale