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  • STATE OF ELEVATION Isabelle Prim
17 JUL, 18:30, Teatro Municipal Sala Um

    Zach Woods

    Isabelle Prim

    Guillaume Orignac
Isabelle Prim, 2020
France, FIC, 00:20:12
Stratospheric balloons are an old human obsession; they allow us to ascend to high altitudes to observe what escapes the naked human eye. Since the late eighteenth century, a series of technological experiments with stratospheric balloons helped men to collect relevant scientific information. It is from this premise that Isabelle Prim, who makes her debut in Curtas, tells the story of a teenager who dreams of becoming a balloon scientist, using a narrative device that mixes archive images from the Space Observatory of the Centre national d'études spatiales, with a fictional plot about a television crew making a report on a space center and the narration that the teenager makes of her own expectations and desires. The film also addresses the state of elevation as a metaphor for the ability to dispute or suspend natural conditions, such as matter and time. (PC)  
PRODUCTION Gérard Azoulay - L'Observatoire de l'Espace du CNES, COPY CONTACT Gérard Azoulay - Observatoire de l'Espace du CNES; 33689218272,, SCRIPT Isabelle Prim PHOTOGRAPHY Isabelle Prim EDITING Isabelle Prim SOUND Géry Petit MUSIC Géry Petit ANIMATION Isabelle Prim MAIN ACTORS Stéphane Freiss, Félice Cusset, Richard Peyraud, Isabelle Prim