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  • DELENDA CARTHAGO Guillaume Orignac
17 JUL, 18:30, Teatro Municipal Sala Um

    Zach Woods

    Isabelle Prim

    Guillaume Orignac
Guillaume Orignac, 2021
France, FIC, 00:39:03
What would a dream be were it not a dream? A memory? From a post-apocalyptic tone to a comedy populated by sui generis characters, “Delenda Carthago”, like a sentence at the end of an oratory, obsessively pursues the story of a recurrent dream, told by different voices, but always with the same ending: a deserted city, which could be Paris with its boulevards, or any other city, as long as it has been emptied of people, as if everyone had suddenly disappeared. The only voices that can be heard are those of mannequins, who take advantage of the silence to talk but are interrupted by the presence of a character who wanders around carrying a backpack. “Delenda Carthago” is the fifth short by French filmmaker Guillaume Orignac, who makes his debut at Curtas. (MM)  
PRODUCTION Nicolas Descalles; Denis Cougnaud, COPY CONTACT Nicolas Descalles - Araucania Films; 33661703927, SCRIPT Guillaume Orignac PHOTOGRAPHY Lazare Pedron EDITING Guillaume Orignac SOUND François Mallebay , Vincent Villa MUSIC Noir Boy George MAIN ACTORS Frederik Bois , Allison Chassagne, Hugues Perrot