• FOUR ROADS Alice Rohrwacher
20 JUL, 22:30, Teatro Municipal Sala Um

    Alice Rohrwacher
  • VO

    Nicolas Gourault

    Emily Wardill
Alice Rohrwacher, 2021
Italy, DOC, 00:08:00
The enforced confinement during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, rather than limiting creative possibilities, was for Alice Rohrwacher an opportunity to explore her surroundings. The filmmaker was isolated in the rural community of Quattro Strade, Tuscany, and due to the restrictions that prohibited physical contact, found an alternative way to get to know her neighbors better, with the help of an old 16mm camera, a couple of more-than-expired film reels, and the peephole of a zoom lens that brought people and small details closer to her. Despite the confinement circumstances and the melancholic tone of the voice-over narration, the mood of the film radiates light, nostalgia, and optimism, showing with an extraordinary simplicity happy people on a beautiful sunny day, opening up to them with a curious, gentle and extremely sincere gaze. The movie follows the cardinal points along a series of wooded paths, which lead us to some of her peasant neighbors, with each one of them having something to teach us, little cautionary tales on the poetry of being in the world. During this claustrophobic era of videocalls, Rohrwacher rediscovers cinema as a poetic, sentimental, and humanist form of approaching and discovering the other. (MD)  
PRODUCTION Avventurosa; TBC, info@matchfactory.de COPY CONTACT Lora Betsinsk; 493044319056, festivals@matchfactory.de PHOTOGRAPHY Alice Rohrwacher EDITING Carlotta Cristiani SOUND Daniela Bassani MUSIC Piero Crucitti, Alfred Schnittke