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  • NIGHT FOR DAY Emily Wardill
20 JUL, 22:30, Teatro Municipal Sala Um

    Alice Rohrwacher
  • VO

    Nicolas Gourault

    Emily Wardill
Emily Wardill, 2020
Portugal · Austria, FIC, 00:47:19
The expression “Night for Day” refers to a technique through which it is possible to create an illusion that something filmed during the day actually took place at night. In this film, the illusion is the connection established between “Night for Day"’s two narrative threads, defined by two testimonies: on the one hand, Isabel do Carmo (doctor and writer, who recently published a stunning text in praise of Portugal’s National Health Service on the occasion of her hospitalization due to Covid-19) remembers her time as founder of the Revolutionary Brigades in 1970 and the early years of freedom in Portugal; on the other, two young people who lead a start-up, which tries to program computers so they are able to recognize moving images, exchange ideas on technology. The movie cuts these two testimonials as if they are in dialogue with each other and, at the same time, defiantly complexifies this material by adding a subjective collage of various fragments: images from cameras that are not able to adjust to darkness in order to capture reality, images of virtual representations of reality, and footage of a house by architect António Teixeira Guerra during the golden hour. (JA)  
PRODUCTION Anze Persin - Stenar Projects; Emily Wardill, Secession, COPY CONTACT Anze Persin - Stenar Projects; 351968341939,, SCRIPT Emily Wardill PHOTOGRAPHY Emanuel Garcia, José Marques, Emily Wardill EDITING Emily Wardill, Francisco Moreira SOUND Dominic Fitzgerald, Emily Wardill MUSIC Dominic Fitzgerald, Emily Wardill MAIN ACTORS Isabel do Carmo, Alexander Bridi, Djelal Osman