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  • NOIR-SOLEIL Marie Larrivé
24 JUL, 20:00, Teatro Municipal Sala Um

    Meltse Van Coillie

    Marie Larrivé

    Lila Pinell
Marie Larrivé, 2021
France, ANI, 00:20:24
This animation begins with a volcanic eruption on Mount Vesuvius, a natural movement that causes an earthquake in the Bay of Naples and, as a result, leads to the resurgence of a corpse thought to have since disappeared. In turn, this corpse will haunt the present of Dino and his daughter Victoria, as it will unearth a long-forgotten past – involving the sudden disappearance of Dino’s father and Victoria’s grandfather – when the two are called upon, during a trip to Italy, to help identify the body. This mystery, and the distant relationship between father and daughter, is illustrated with a series of stunning frames, laden with dark tones, which help create a melancholic mood and a silent sadness, healed by a rapprochement between the two as Dino recalls his relationship with his father. “Noir-soleil” is, thus, an admirable and contagious meditation on the past and how, no matter how much one tries to escape from it, it always ends up finding its way. The short film is Marie Larrivé’s debut at Curtas. (JA)  
PRODUCTION Nicolas de Rosanbo, Céline Vanlint - Eddy Production, COPY CONTACT Sanne Jehoul - Square Eyes; 447817147626,, SCRIPT Marie Larrivé SOUND Pierre Oberkampf MUSIC Maël Oudin, Pierre Oberkampf ANIMATION Marion Auvin, Ambre Decruyenaere, Romane Granger, Cécile Ladaveze, Morgane Le Péchon, Lucas Malbrun, Jean Baptiste Peltier MAIN ACTORS Marc Barbé, Clémence Quélennec, Olivia Corsini