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  • EMPTY HANDS Paolo Marinou-Blanco
17 JUL, 20:30, Teatro Municipal Sala Um
18 JUL, 21:00, Cinema Trindade (Porto)
19 JUL, 20:40, Cinema Ideal (Lisboa)

    Paolo Marinou-Blanco

    Rodrigo Braz Teixeira
  • DAWN

    Leonor Noivo
Paolo Marinou-Blanco, 2021
Portugal, FIC, 00:14:52
Mahalia Jackson’s song (“I’m on my way”, 1958), heard during the first minute and a half of “Empty Hands”, sets the short film’s tone: Caetano Reconcavinho, who lives a lonely routine working at a funeral home preparing corpses for their wake, is depressed since his wife died after falling from a cliff while taking a selfie. Determined to commit suicide, Caetano seeks advice from Fausto, a corpse being prepared for his funeral who, in a reference to Goethe’s timeless legend, offers him an irrefutable pact. In an unabashedly tragicomic tone, with colors and shots tipping a hat to Wes Anderson’s visual style, the short revolves around themes of solitude, emptiness, and the fear of happiness. Directed and written by Paolo Marinou-Blanco, debuting at Curtas, “Empty Hands” marks his return to filmmaking after “Goodnight Irene” (2008), a feature also based around an unusual friendship between two loners. (PC)  
PRODUCTION Paolo Marinou-Blanco - Darya Films; Kinora Filmes, COPY CONTACT Paolo Marinou-Blanco - Darya Films; 351938233128, SCRIPT Paolo Marinou-Blanco PHOTOGRAPHY Miguel Sales Lopes EDITING Kathryn J. Schubert SOUND Bruno Garcez MUSIC Hugo Leitão