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  • ARMAZÓNIA Francisco Moura Relvas
18 JUL, 20:30, Teatro Municipal Sala Um
19 JUL, 21:00, Cinema Trindade (Porto)
20 JUL, 20:40, Cinema Ideal (Lisboa)

    Francisco Moura Relvas

    Ana Moreira

    Paulo Patrício

    Filipe Melo
Francisco Moura Relvas, 2021
Portugal, FIC, 00:10:58
A forest and a watercourse in an aerial landscape, followed by shots of tropical birds and vegetation, imply that we are at the center of the Amazon rainforest. A plane passing by suggests the threat posed by the civilized world to the local population who live in total communion with nature. And it’s no wonder: the plane’s crew come with a mission and obscure purposes of destroying the forest at the behest of shadowy interests. “Armazónia”, Francisco Moura Relva’s debut at Curtas’ official competition, offers a sarcastic take on politics, addressing with simplicity and humor the dangers posed by the ideology of the Jair Bolsonaro administration regarding environmental issues, but also standing out by the ingenious and humorous way with which it cinematically builds an Amazon rainforest, a plane, and everything around them with cardboard models and wood. A low-budget incursion into the “disaster movie” subgenre, filmed somewhere between the living room and the backyard. (MD)  
PRODUCTION Roberto Santos, Victor Santos, Nuno Rocha - FILMESDAMENTE, COPY CONTACT Roberto Santos - FILMESDAMENTE; 351224959686,, PHOTOGRAPHY Victor Santos